Suranjit: “you don’t understand”

Railways minister’s Assistant Personal Secretary Omar Faruq was sacked and Bangladesh Railway General Manager (East) Yusuf Ali Mridha and Divisional Commandant Enamul Huq were suspended on Sunday in connection with huge stashes of money seized from their car.

The recruitment process under the ministry has been postponed for indefinite period, Railways Minister Suranjit Sengupta announced at a press conference.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Sunday asked Railway Minister Suranjit Sengupta to brief her about the recent money recovery from his assistant personal secretary’s car.

Suranjit entered Gono Bhaban, official residence of the premier, around 9:00pm, a special assistant to the prime minister told The Daily Star

Given that it is now just after 11:30 pm Dhaka time, that is one long meeting.

Amar ekta proshno asey: driver er ki hoilo? Tar kono khobor nai keno?

We shall follow developments with interest, so stay tuned. Analysis (ar speculation ) ashitechey khub shiggiri apnar nikotiyo blog e!

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Suranjit: “you don’t understand”

2 thoughts on “Suranjit: “you don’t understand”

  1. I want to bring up the elephant in the room.

    There have been many corrupt ministers. Certainly not getting caught in such naked way, but there were. They all survived. Because they had godfathers and power base.

    Suranjit will not survive. Because as one of the handful of Hindu MPs (how many are there?), microscopic number of Hindu Ministers in BD history, he doesn’t have a godfather or power base.

    Unlike India, where the Muslim vote can decide elections at regional level, in Bangladesh the Hindu vote is not decisive. Because over last 40 years, we have forced the Hindu population into a permanent underclass and many have left to India.

    But even in this blog, no one talks about the religion factor.

    • Give me a break. All the media hype on Suranjit is because he is a Hindu? !!!
      1. Media lynching on Abul Hossain the minister or Bodi / Kamal Majumdar the MP were much intense, prolonged and on some instance very one sided/ unfair.
      2. The case against Abul Hossain was flimsy in a sense, WB suspected some ill dealings concerning firms involved in the bridge.

      3. Compared to the above there still is smouldering smoke in the gun that led to Suranjit-gate. And the money is not some theoretical world bank mega project money ( 10% going to ruling cotery is kinda accepted in Bangladesh and many 3rd world states) — the money that was supposed to be going to Suranjit residence was the forced bribe taken from poor Bangladeshi job seekers. People arranged the money by selling land/ cows etc.

      4. Under previous government a minister named AKM Mosharraf Hossain was fired ( and media lynched him for a long one month) because he accepted a SUV to be his official transportation from Canadian petroleum giant Niko.

      5. Suranjit was a moral police. He came down hard on everybody under corruption allegtaion. Only few months ago he spoke very critical of Abul Hossain for his alleged corruption and took Salman F Rahman to task accusing him of stock mareket scam master. Sengupta caught with bagful of bribe money is equivalent to Jerry Falwell caught with a gay prostitute.

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