3 thoughts on “Khoj: The Search

  1. Hey the amarblog link is very unfair and unjust. Probably no crime committed in the world since Qabil killed Habil, has been omitted from being attributed to Ilias Ali. Every single thing said in the amarblog trash is wrong and does not deserve a response.
    Would it be unfair to request some show of restraint in cutting joke about a person who has been abduced and possibly has been killed? How would one feel if someone post a blog making all kind of fun about Kalpona Chakma or making all sort of nauseating false accusations about Kalpona Chakma? Can Ilias Ali or family ask for equal rights as human as that of Kalpona Chakma?

    • I can appreciate political satire. But the Amarblog link is pure political propaganda. The equivalent thing about Kalpana Chakma would be to call her a ‘Shanti Bahini terrorist who had it coming’.
      I expect better from this blog.

  2. I did not get the point of the amarblog link either. Ok, Ilias is a criminal mastermind according to that link. So the government decides to disappear him, and that’s right and just?

    Is the author of that amarblog post living in some crazy fantasy land?

    As for satire, fine. But images generated by bored urban middle class kids on facebook is hardly Jonathan Swift.

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