Shaptahik Pechal – Weekly Roundup

Shaptahik Pechal, our weekly round up of the must-read/watch/hear stories concerning Bangladesh this past week. Plus something to listen to with your post-breakfast Friday morning tea.

First though, our W@nk@h of the Week. This week we feature an anonymous Bangladeshi who lives and works in Britain – in a respectable job in Her Majesty’s Treasury, not some Indian restaurant in the East End like those “Bangis” thank you very much. I do not know who this is, because the person who forwarded it to me anonymised the entire picture. But whoever this is needs to seriously rethink the way s/he refers to the sort of people Her Majesty’s Government like to highlight as the beneficiaries of its climate change aid. Expect a more detailed blog post later in the week.

Dinbodol, Disenchantment, Detente, Defanged

The hollowness of dinbodol and the silence of our “intellectuals” –  an eloquent plea for justice and sanity from Shamaruh Mirza, BNP General Secretary Mirza Fakhrul’s daughter.

Similar sentiments are echoed by Masud Khan Shujon. Sadly his piece is published in AL online tabloid Bangladesh’s premier internet news outlet,, which makes the entire situation a bit like Matrix 2 when the audience realises that Neo’s entire rebellion against the system is a feature of the system. If the medium is the message, then the Revolution has already been sold by Lotus with the proceeds on the way to Jigatola as we speak!

Our own PhantomBD meanwhile sees signs of detente between the Establishment (the sheesha smoking educated classes Shamaruh rails at) and BNP. In 5 years time, will she still write so stridently or will we witness more strategic silence like Anwar Hossain?

All hail the new VC!

Gyani Desh Chin (translation: “O Powerful Dragon”)

China ratchets up the tension in the South China sea.

The Japan Times thinks this is China imposing a Monroe Doctrine like policy. The New York Times think it’s all to do with bananas. Not that the two are unrelated of course.

Somewhere a very earnest Chinese Nationalist poet is thinking of updating Kipling’s White Man’s Burden. That too was written when an English Queen was having her Diamond Jubilee, at the height of another Empire, one that had already begun to fade despite the shining Jewel in the Crown.

Mohabharot (translation: “Friendly Neighbour India”) – M is for… Edition

Get Mamata! – Marxists, Maoists and Muslims, Oh My!

Mamata shows no mamata over the River Teesta.

Mamata-heen – Mamata walks out calling students Maoists after tough questioning. (If Syed Ashraful submits himself to live questioning from same group who questioned Hillary, I will personally go and throw some white wine into Yunus’ face. Ashraful will never dare do so for same reason that Mamata walked out. Bangali shudhu conspiracy bujhey, juta na khailey public er raag bujhey na.)

End of innings reverse swing

Guernica Magazine interviews Yunus, smells conspiracy a year on from his sacking. And they call this being avant garde?

Deshis in Rome. And I mean real “Bangis” not the Banani set who go there for honeymoons pretending to be Peck and Hepburn.

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One thought on “Shaptahik Pechal – Weekly Roundup

  1. “But whoever this is needs to seriously rethink the way s/he refers to the sort of people Her Majesty’s Government like to highlight as the beneficiaries of its climate change aid.”

    In their quest for white power, this diasporised unwitting native informant (better word needed) has found himself/herself in the crosshairs of a classic developmentee-developmenter serenade. The beneficiaries are victims of developmentia and the facebook prince(ss) should simply vacate the space and make it diffuclt for the BD govt to get away with taking climate bribes, and the UK govt to dodge its carbon reduction responsibilities by climate-proofing ‘aid’.

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