Shaptahik Pechal – Weekly Roundup

Shaptahik Pechal, our weekly round up of the must-read/watch/hear stories concerning Bangladesh this past week. Plus something to listen to with your post-breakfast Friday morning tea.

First though, our W@nk@h of the Week. It was an easy, straightforward choice this week. It was the entire Bangladesh police force – top to bottom. Whether they were busy attacking photo journalists for getting too close or attempting to rape a girl next to the court, they have proved themselves completely and utterly the opposite of what a police force ought to be. If you have a single positive story to share about the police, leave them in the comments. I would ask for the negative stories, but the intertubes might get clogged.


Amnesty’s annual report on Bangladesh. Number of times the word “disappearance” occurs: 0. Blog post and twitter debate soon.

H&M expresses concern about growth being impeded by political upheaval in Bangladesh.

Pybus becomes coach. Sahara (not the saree-wearing one) becomes sponsor?

Mridul Chowdhury contemplates the (lack of) road safety in Bangladesh.

Afsan Chowdhury imagines Deshi politics as a football match. (That’s “soccer” to Hillary apa and all you Bangladeshi-Americans.) Sadly, ordinary people probably resemble these guys.

Shahana Siddiqui interviews three present day student leaders to try understand  the sorry state of student politics.


Jaswant Singh on Hillary’s Eastern Travels. I will never understand how Indian commentators in 2012 can write: “Was this the long-awaited signal that the US was about to squeeze Pakistan on the issue of terrorism?” Sorry, were you asleep for the past few years of drone attacks and diplomatic tension between America and Pakistan?

“Khaleda Zia coming to power may also recreate a fertile ground for Indian militant outfits in Bangladesh.” – More here. When you are called the “Telegraph”, you can recite local right wing propaganda like it was the quran or gita.

Track of the week

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