Padma Bridge: Back to World Bank!

After doing so much NATOK all summer, Awami League ends up “following” all of World Bank’s directives, and the WB, “satisfied”, reopens Padma Bridge funding discussion. So why did Awami League put people of Bangladesh through this process of denial, chest-thumping, contrition, back door, acknowledgment, firing, and return cap-in-hand?

The World Bank understands that all government employees and officials alleged to have been involved in corrupt acts in connection with the project have been put on leave from Government service until an investigation is completed, and that a full and fair investigation is now underway.

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World Bank Statement of September 20, 2012 on Padma Bridge

14 thoughts on “Padma Bridge: Back to World Bank!

  1. So can we now expect al ers to start loving the wb again? And will anu Muhammad go on hunger strike against the construction of the bank with niko funds? :)

  2. Awami League went full swing yesterday publicizing WB is back to provide loan. It is really? Or one deception to cover another decption bacame trademarked Awami League practice. Either way, by sending its minister and advisor on leave Awami League regime is submitting to the fact of corruption. Yet that is cause of Awami celebration now, go figure!!!

    On loan revival, WB asked Awami League regime to fulfill pre requisites before reengaging. Until fulfillment of these pre requisites loan revival from WB is far cry. To be exact here is the WB statement issued on Sept 20th said:

    “The Government agreed to a series of measures as a pre-requisite for any renewed implementation. These include new procurement arrangements with enhanced oversight, to ensure transparency and clean construction of the bridge; investigations proceeding in a full, fair, and expeditious manner; and an independent External Panel to review the Government’s investigation and report their findings to the Government and the World Bank.

    The Bank has agreed that, upon satisfactory implementation of the agreed measures by the Government, and with the support of the Bank’s governing bodies, the Bank will engage anew in the Padma Multipurpose Bridge.”

    Will Awami League regime allow “an independent External Panel to review the Government’s investigation”? Well we know the answer – only if Awami leaning sushils are in it.

    Full WB statement issued on Sept 20th, 2012:

  3. WB further clarifies Awami League lie in past one week.

    World Bank Statement of September 25, 2012 on Padma Bridge

    Here are sample statements by Awami League regime:
    Daily Star Editorial
    Padma bridge financing revived
    Now it should move ahead at full speed
    We express satisfaction at the news that the World Bank (WB) has given verbal commitment to revive the stalled $1.2bn loan for Padma Bridge. Congratulations are due for both the government and the WB in being able to overcome months of impasse to reach an agreement due to be announced sometime on Friday. ….
    ‘WB set no new condition’
    Govt plans to float tender next month
    Muhith evaded a question as to whether the government would just only lay the foundation of the mega infrastructure project during its current tenure that expires in January 2014.

  4. Amar dukhkho hochche Mhammad Arafat er jonno. This biggest Awami Mouth in late night talk show scene was all vocal yesterday how the Word Bank was all apologetic in their statement and their statement in fact really meant backing off from previous stand. This new statement is big slap on both the cheeks of Mohammad Arafat.

  5. {{ • to grant access to all investigative information to an **external panel of internationally recognized experts** who will advise the Bank and co-financiers on the credibility of the government’s investigations……..

    **The people of Bangladesh deserve a clean bridge.**
    If we are to move ahead, we are insisting that a credible investigation is undertaken and any project implementation be done in a manner that ensures transparency and enhanced oversight.}} – World Bank

    Thank you WB, for clarifying the rules of the game. There is hope afterall for a sane world. Anti-corruption is far more crucial for Bangladesh, than a bogus bridge !

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