The Hazy Mirror of Bangladeshi cartoons

A cartoon in the Daily Star During Awami league regime.

The cartoon is nice. That is not the point. The point is that if any such cartoon was drawn by the Daily Star and it’s sister concern daily Prothom Alo’s Shishir Bhattacharya on similar issue during BNP government time, among the three bad guys looting the money, you would have seen a Tarique rahman look alike, a Jamaat look alike and Safari clad man with a dark glass and a briefcase. But in this cartoon the absence of a Mujib coat is very obvious.

Another cartoon at Daily Prothom Alo, done by leading cartoonist Shishir Bhattacharya. In this cartoon too, conspicuously absent is a Mujib coat figure. This trend raises serious questions about  the social responsibility of our cartoonists.

Especially when in real life Hal-Mark scam could take place because of this Mujib coat wearing man at the center flanked on each side by Hal-mark owner Tanvir and his wife. .

Cartoons used to be called the mirror of the society. It seems in Bangladesh scenario, they are not.

One thought on “The Hazy Mirror of Bangladeshi cartoons

  1. While Shishir Bhattacharya is doing his Awami League (bised) cartoon bazi another Awami lawyer Noresh Mukherjee filed a case that because RTV broadcased report on Suranjit Sen Gupta’s corruption he and his family incurred loss of thousand crore taka. By the invisible (or is it) power Suranjit was reinstated as minister perhaps flexing their muscle to hush everyone up.

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