Third Force Watch – 1 #TFW

AoD is starting a new series to keep an eye out for the natok surrounding a third force attempting to rise/being pushed haplessly to the forefront while adjusting its lungi.

We are doing this without endorsing or condemning, i.e. simply as interested observers. Any opinions we have on any potential third force will be dealt with in separate blog posts by individual bloggers, provided they have given more than 10 seconds thought to it.

If you know of any event that we should cover under this heading, please post in comments or on our facebook page or mail us directly at info.alalodulal@gmail.comĀ 

Our first edition documents the food fight that followed Kamal and Badruddoza Chowdhury’s talk of national unity at the Radisson Blu:

The senior politicians emerged from a programme titled ‘Announcement of a greater national unity’ at Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel to speak to reporters but would not make it clear whether their parties were mulling over joining forces.

“Our politics and governing system are infected with disease. But there is always a cure however serious the disease is,” said Hossain, also a former Foreign Minister of Bangladesh.

“The people of Bangladesh have that strength. And the strength is political unity. Let us come together to forge a unity to make ailing politics healthy.”

Chowdhury, the former President of Bangladesh, said, “Greedy politicians, some selfish businessmen and bureaucrats are pulling the country from behind. All must stand up against them.”

“That’s why politics of unity needs be pursued. The unity can be built without dissolving respective political parties.

The Daily Star was the standard bearer of the last attempt at third force. I particularly liked its editorial for this story, “Coming together of the two”, which gave it an almost Homeric, romantic quality. I hear that Diane Krueger and Orlando Bloom have already been approached to star in the movie version of this momentous courtship.

Syed Ashraf was quick to fight back:

“The nation will prevent the attempt to create a 1/11-like environment or 1/11-style government. The Awami League will prevent it with all its might,” Syed Ashraful Islam said, referring to the Jan 11, 2007 changeover when a military-backed rulers took over.

To which, Daily Star’s supreme resident Awami League hack, Syed Badrul Ahsan opined:

The Awami League could have been more circumspect in handling the matter of the alliance forged by Dr Kamal Hossain and Prof Badruddoza Chowdhury….

…The BNP’s diatribe against the 1/11 administration is understandable, for the state of emergency laid all its plans waste. But when the Awami League chooses to pounce on the Fakhruddin government, supreme irony appears to be at work.

We agree with that supreme irony business.

What Syed Badrul Ahsan does not mention is that BNP’s reaction to Hossain and Chowdhury’s announcement has not been to issue a “diatribe against the 1/11 administration”. Instead, it has condemned Awami League for its reaction to the news, much as Syed Badrul Ahsan does, as reported in his newspaper:

Fakhrul blasted Awami League top leaders for criticising Dr Kamal Hossain and Dr AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury for their move to form a united platform…

…The BNP leader yesterday said AL leaders’ position against the united move by Kamal and Badruddoza revealed that they were “politically bankrupt”

But this is a level of detail we should not expect partisan hacks like Syed Badrul Ahsan to get into.

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