BNP: Gamechanger on Minority Vote?

Something is going on inside BNP. The party whose leader Khaleda Zia once made the nakedly communal comment “when Al comes to power we hear masjid’e hulu-dhyoni”, and whose 2001 victory saw reprisal attacks against Hindu villages, and whose staunch anti-India aggression was a key foreign policy platform, is now courting India and the Bangladeshi Minority vote.

Is this man pushing BNP toward a pro-minority policy?

We at AoD do not conflate Bangladeshi minorities with the India foreign policy issue, but in the past BNP has done so, making one a proxy for the other. They have also abandoned the Hindu vote as AL’s permanent bloc. BNP courtship of India, and parallel courting of Bangladeshi Minority vote, seems to be part of a new cynical realpolitik. But the fact that they feel the need to engage in such realpolitik shows that equations may be shifting.

Are those shifts permanent? Or just temporary? Nothing could be healthier for Bangladesh than both major parties feeling the need to recognize and pursue the minority vote blocs. But, the million taka question, will they dump Jamaat? And will they still oppose war crimes trials? And has the memo gone to the New York branch of BNP? And .. and.. many questions

Purboposchim argues: “it’s actually part of BNP’s ‘new look’ agenda.  minorities, checked.  pro-71 credential — being done.  india, checked.  what’s left?  tarique and jamaat.  maybe both are being done, and mahbub’s comments are part of that.”

Khaleda Zia:”Let’s move forward for the sake of the future overlooking the past. The BNP is a liberal party of the people of religions and communities.

Syed Ashraf: “You (Khaleda Zia) have to change your position if you claim to be the wife of a freedom fighter. Leave the company of (Jamaat-e-Islami) and be on the side of pro-Liberation War force.”

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3 thoughts on “BNP: Gamechanger on Minority Vote?

  1. Beside obvious biased comments about BNP stand and actions on minorities, minority communities are increasingly under attack from ruling Awami League. Writer and AD in big part completely ignored the fact that suffering of minority communities from Awami League led attack, capture of their properties and resentment minority communities feeling towards Awami League. As a political party BNP has always been eager to court support from any corner, minority communities are seeing fascist and repressive face of Awami League are increasingly interested in BNP as alternative.

    Awami League, AD and DS simultaneous orgy for BNP to dump Jamaat is not out of any principal. Awami League association with Jamaat, dictator and so called Islamic parties expose that fact very well.

    So called “war crime tribunal” had become a pure farce. What is going on in and outside those kangaroo courts (regardless people are in trial and their alleged guilt) says all about what Awami League and its support base are up to. Justice against real “war crime” is far from their agenda.

    It is not hard at all to see the fact that Awami League along with their shady partners in AD, DS/PA and elsewhere is out to minimize any future retribution from Jamaat. Detaching Jamaat from future power equation is one way to minimize that possibility.

    If BNP manage to go to power, just like in 2001 Awami League along with its foreign partners will instigate false flag attack to deflect any possible retribution on them. That way Awami League can also blame Jamaat and BNP and put them in the defensive. Once again Awami League had and possibly could use minority communities as shield for their oppression and blatant abuse.

    Awami League courting Jamaat as soon BNP (if they do) dump Jamaat is another Awami League game plan. Judging by Awami League association with Jamaat and call (Mohammad Hanif) for dumping old Jamaat leadership, that intention is also very real.

    • Why is it biased to report what KZ said. She did indeed make that famous statement. And SaQa Chowdhury did threaten to “khot(h)na” one of the Hindu opposition politicians. These are history. Just because AL has made a mockery of secularism does not mean that BNP’s communal past goes away (unless they implicitly reject it).

  2. “staunch anti-India aggression” of BNP and KZ? Now that is epic Indian and Awami League propaganda (and exclusive in AD) at best. Perhaps, deyalpotrika would do couple of things:

    1) Find out the real meaning of the word “aggression”.

    2) Gather and read daily potrika (instead of deyal potrika) to see countless number of Indian aggressions against Bangladeshi people, territory, with water, with drugs like phensidyl and what not. These Indian aggressions are taking place even with subservient (Indians and many in AD call it India friendly government) relation during Awami League regime.

    India is stealing water from Feni River

    Since Bangladesh independence, Indians and their political and intellectual stooges in Bangladesh created false definition of “anti-India”. That definition goes along with Indian wish of subservient and submissive Bangladesh as oppose to an independent and sovereign state. Anytime any govt or politician or anyone speaks up against Indian killing of Bangladeshis, Indian water aggression, trade barrier, Indian hegemonic interference etc. and emphasizes Bangladesh sovereign stand or interests, Indian establishment, media and their political and intellectual stooges in Bangladesh label them “anti-Indian”. Looks like deyalpotrika psyche deeply ingrained with such Indian definition of “anti –India” undermining what should have been voice for Bangladesh independent stand and interest.

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