Promises, promises …

In a world of broken promises on corruption, law and order, prices, national reconciliation, education, health, roads …. some obscure broken promises to a small group of people representing a dwindling piece of the national mosaic might not seem like such a big deal. Maybe that’s why the promises are easy to make. Who will the Honorable Prime Minister blame when today’s promises are broken? Can anyone blame the victims of Ramu for being skeptical?

Damaged temples will be rebuilt: PM

No one linked to the recent attacks on Buddhists will be spared, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said assuring the minorities of Bangladesh….

The temples damaged in the attacks would be rebuilt, the Prime Minister assured the Buddhists. She also assured that the victims would get compensation.

Hathazari temples lie in ruins

Temples damaged in Hathazari Upazila in Chittagong during a hate attack in February

have not been repaired even in seven months. Local residents say a court directive asking law enforcers to guard the affected temples went unheard just like the one given to restore the damaged places for worship

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