That birthday circus

That’s Begum Khaleda Zia celebrating her allegedly 67th ‘birthday’.  Who is that gentleman cutting the cake you ask?  Don’t be fooled by the attire and facial hair.  He may be a daari-wala, but he is no Jamaati.  Sadeq Hossain Khoka was a member of the elite Mukti Bahini guerilla unit that wrecked havoc in the Pakistani occupied Dhaka in 1971.  The other people in the photo include freedom fighters, highly educated barristers and PhDs, and people generally considered to be BNP’s liberal wing.

Why the hell are they doing this birthday circus?

The same reason why Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir was calling Tarique Rahman the Desh Nayak when the latter turned 48.

Both Khoka and Mirza Fakhrul, and Nazrul Islam Khan and Goyeshwar Roy and Moeen Khan and Morshed Khan and Osman Ghani and Moudud and Tariqul Islam and any other liberal or moderate BNP leader you can think of needs to cut these cakes and show their love, devotion and strong admiration for Khaleda Zia and Tarique Rahman because there is no other way to demonstrate their loyalty to the party.

You see, someone like Tofail Ahmed can tell his party chief point blank that they could have been in a minister in Zia’s government, but stayed loyal to the party.  And someone like SQ Chowdhury can say that they will never join Awami League’s pro-India politics.  But what can these moderate BNP types do?

They could have tried to out hardline SQC when it comes to India, except the Madam herself has made peace with the neighbouring country.  And in the current situation, saying anything nice about Jamaat will be political suicide.  So only option left is to praise the Mother and Son.

Mirza Fakhrul has already started the process with Desh Nayak.  His rivals like Khondoker Mosharraf will need to do something more.  Khoka is their with the cake.  Mirza Abbas will have to do something more.   BNP is having its council meeting in March.  It will be an arms race of Tarique worship in the coming weeks.

Desh Moha Nayak is bigger than Desh Nayak.  But what’s bigger than Senior Vice Chairman?

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