Shahbagh: “My Land My Mother, Won’t Let It Be Pakistan”

Source: শাহবাগ : প্রজন্ম চত্ত্বর

Source: শাহবাগ : প্রজন্ম চত্ত্বর

After yesterday’s pitched battles between Jamaat activists and police, as well as alleged burning of national flag, this poster is circulating.

My Land My Mother
Won’t Let It Be Pakistan
Wake Up People, Wake Up

Where did they get the courage to burn the national flag of 3 million martyrs?

The national flag is grabbed by that ancient vulture one again!

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Jamaat, allies strike terror

4 killed, around thousand hurt in attacks; Shaheed Minars vandalised, national flag burnt following false claim of ‘insult to Islam’ by Shahbagh bloggers; hartal called for tomorrow

In a countrywide reign of terror, Jamaat-e-Islami and its sympathisers yesterday attacked law enforcers and journalists, burned the national flag and vandalised Shaheed Minars to counter the mass demand for capital punishment to 1971 war criminals.

Resistance chant rings out at Shahbagh

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Attacks, rampage in major cities

Gonojagoron manchas vandalised

Jamaat-e-Islami and its likeminded Islamist organisations yesterday unleashed violence in major cities of the country in a show of force countering the countrywide movement against war criminals.

6 thoughts on “Shahbagh: “My Land My Mother, Won’t Let It Be Pakistan”

  1. Shahbagh: “My Land My Mother, Won’t Let It Be Pakistan”
    This is a very strange slogan. I don’t know anyone who is calling for Bangladesh to be turned into Pakistan. I don’t know if flag burning is a crime in Bangladesh and if it is then those who did it should be punished according to the law, if they can get hold of them. I am sure this act has not been planned and directed by organisers of the protest. If it were then there would have been a lot more flags burnt. I do absolutely understand and sympathise with the outrage that many people feel when flag the symbol of one’s motherland is desecrated by burning or even something more worse (I will leave it to your imagination). However, on the other hand, if some people feel alienated and not included in this symbol then either we try to find reasons for this and try to address them or try to discredit them or even worse. In the past we have tried to arouse people through working with their emotion by songs, music, plays and poems. These tools are ok and have their place but they are not a substitute for empirical evidence, facts and reasoned inductions and deductions.

  2. “Won’t Let It Be Pakistan”

    No one even talking about such theme that you people conjuring up just for creating division and issue. Even in sane mind and in REAL world that is no where near real and not in people mind.

    Shahabagh bloggers and their followers moved the from “war crime” tribunal –> banning Jamaat –> banning Islamic party –> attack on business, media and even publicly traded Islami bank which has no connection to politics or party. Bloggers attack on Islam as faith and islamic value went far far beyond issue of war crime tribunal and justice. You may still try to label popular outburst against these bloggers, their orchestrator as Jamaati but in sentiment in the street would outright reject it.
    I am not sure AoD would allow to post pictures otherwise I would have post some to show your world indeed very small evolve around shahbagh.

    • [q]”Publicly traded Islami bank which has no connection to politics or party.”[/q]
      really? You know it for fact or just believe it?

      [q] Bloggers attack on Islam as faith and islamic value went far far beyond issue of war crime tribunal and justice.[/q]
      Can you present some proof please?

      • Go to Dhaka stock exchange website and do some research. All their sponsor directors are listed in their website. As a publicly traded company beside institutional share holders, general public regardless of political parties and religious belief are shareholders of Islami Bank because it is a business and provide profit every year. And these share holders includes Investment corporation of Bangladesh, a govt own entity. Please, come back with proof that Islami Bank Bangladesh is a Jamaat organization. Your level of understand begs the question how much you ( and many in shahbagh crowd) know about Bangladesh and what goes on other than what being preached by Shahbagh type of crowd?

        Just as note, Islami Bank among other things financed major industrial undertakings like BSRM (one of largest steel mill in SA) and Ananda shipping (largest ship builders and exporters in Bangladesh).

        Here is latest statement to Financial Express Islami Bank revealed that (feel free to counter their statement with verifiable proof)

        “A news item published in The Financial Express has drawn our attention. We further affirm that Islami Bank is the largest private commercial bank in the country and enjoying high reputation at home and abroad. Thirty years back this Bank started its operations as the first ever interest-free Shari’ah-based bank in South East Asia under the initiative of Islamic Development Bank (IDB) with stake-holding of 70 per cent foreign sponsors. The remaining shares are owned by 60,000 shareholders including Investment Corporation of Bangladesh (ICB), JP Morgan Chase as well as different bodies and individuals at home and abroad.”

        as for second question, are you that isolated in your understanding? Wasn’t thaba baba, other bloggers writing enough? Those by the way published in the newspaper already. If you are looking for those to be posted, get AoD admin approval posted here that AoD will allow that.

  3. Shahbag protest started with objective which all Bangladeshis supported in principle – justice for all crimes committed in 1971. Within few days, lot of doubts started to emerge among many upon hearing slogans to ban religion based politics and it became inseparable from typical left-hardcore Awami calls. When Rajib Haider (Thaba Baba) was killed brutally and subsequent exposure of his blog contents and of his comrades’ ( ), nobody from Shahbagh movement could distance themselves and protest against the sick contents against Islam, Quran, and the prophet. Instead they tried best to cover it up but it was too much stuff to cover in too little time. There was no protest against the content except by the Islamists while PM Hasina vowed to protect all of those bloggers which questionable views on Islam.

    This was the main bankruptcy of Shahbag movement and its inability to create a new identity in 2013. It had to resort to 42 year old verbage and could not separate itself from typical rejected leftist party ideology. Today’s Bangladesh is very different than 1972. Fact of the matter is Islam has its place in national politics today. That is why, despite having absolute majority, BAL could not dare to remove state religion from constitution.

    I expected Shahbag to pave new path of tolerance in a country of intolerant politics. It saddens me to see how this movement has become of a mouthpiece of Chatra league. It is depressing to watch the video:

  4. This jingoism is self defeating and is a gross misrepresentation of the aspirations of a dynamic Bangladeshi young.
    A flag and a national anthem are only symbols of a national identity – nothing more than that.The US flag has been burnt many a time during the Vietnam war – no one in the US suggested that this was an attempt to restore British colonial power in the US. We need to grow out of this paroxysm of never ending pathos. After four decades of independence, cries of threat to our national identity is a challenge to our status as a state in the comity of nations.

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