The Baby in the Building

Picture one of those nice sleek ads that we saw last month for Independence day. Or two weeks ago for Pahela Boishakh. Then keep the audio the same, but replace the visuals with the images from Savar. Why change the visuals but keep the audio, you may ask? Easy answer, I am a big coward. I can look at a dead body and maybe imagine it is still alive, if not for the veneer of white dust accumulated on the face and limbs. But the cries for help? Those whom we have doomed to die? I can’t handle that. So, just the video please.

Rony Plaza

Copyright: AFP/Amar Desh

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Tears of the Dragon: আল্লাহর কাছে কান্নাকাটি

During the last semester of grad school, I took a Civil Liberties course. It was a grim affair. Every day, we would enter as lighthearted students and leave sad and depressed, convinced that America was on its way to a dictatorship. However, there was one moment of genuine mirth.

Supreme Court

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Mahmudur Rahman’s Arrest and Various Playbooks

Update 1: Mahmudur Rahman remanded for 13 days. Usually CMM grants half of what police ask for. In this case, police asked for 24. So pretty much consistent.

Update 2: Police raid Amar Desh press. Raid being led by the great Biplob Kumar Sarkar.

I’m not going to begin by condemning Mahmudur Rahman’s arrest. As someone who has been campaigning for the arrest of others for exercising their rights to free speech, his own arrest, due to exactly the same reason, is more ironic than sad. It is also probably exactly what he wanted. But instead, let’s take a look at what’s next for the Bangladeshi political landscape.

Screenshot from Channel I

Screenshot from Channel I

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Blogger Ahmed Rajib Haider Murdered

Image: Iresh Zaker. Caption (from his Facebook: "Just because someone is religious does not mean they are a Rajakar.")

Image: Iresh Zaker. Caption (from his Facebook: “Just because someone is religious does not mean they are a Rajakar.”)

The grisly murder of Ahmed Rajib Haider is a heinous crime that deserves swift investigation, prosecution, and punishment. The Bangladeshi state has impressive technological resources at its command for keeping track of its citizens and their means of communication. There should be no lack of political will to investigate this murder.

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