I support Hifazat’s demand to ban women from appearing in public with men

Adivasis at Shahbagh, © Zakir Kibria

Adivasis at Shahbagh, © Zakir Kibria

I support Hifazat’s demand to ban women from appearing in public with men
by Mukstasree Sathi Chakma

“Number 4. In the name of freedom of speech and free society, all the indecent and immoral activities, free mixing between man and woman, adultery, practice of alien culture like candle lighting and foreign cultural aggression must be stopped.” [from Hifazat’s 13 point demand] Continue reading

Shahbag slogans: inclusion of diversity

শাহবাগের আন্দোলন শুরু হয়েছিল মাত্র কয়েকজনের …

Photo : The bloggers who called for the Shahbag protest .  source: facebook

Shahbag slogans: inclusion of diversity
– Muktasree Sathi Chakma

The Shahbag protest, demanding the death sentence for the war criminals of 1971’s independence war, began on February 5, 2013. The protest welcomed diverse groups, despite their distinct identities and, through its inclusive nature, demonstrated that the sun is finally rising on Bangladesh. Continue reading

The male gaze: ‘Hey, it’s a girl! and it’s a hilly chick!!’

Ever since I had taken admission to the university, I could feel dozens of eyes were following me. Be it while I walk down the corridors of the university library, or loitering around the faculty buildings. The eyes were gazing at me with an expression that they found something peculiar.

Many of the girls, of course Bengali, said they have nearly same experience for being a girl. But, my experience was totally different from them. ‘Hey, it’s a girl! and it’s a hilly chick!!,’ whispered the eyes among themselves. Moments after, the eyes get voices in commanding physiques. And the sentence remain almost the same to each of the voices, ‘I want to be a friend of yours. Cause I am very much interested about “upajatis”.’

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Sathi Chakma: After Rangamati, Questions that need to be answered

Questions that need to be answered
by Muktasree Sathi Chakma (Sep 24, 2012)
While my 68 years old father and my 65 years old mother remained awake for the last two days in fear that some of the Bengali settlers (who can kill people only for the reason that you are indigenous) would attack our house, I am attending a Human Rights training and learning how to be a human rights activist. What an irony, isn’t it?
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