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Killing Print Culture: Must FORUM Die?


Daily Star has announced that FORUM, it’s long-running monthly magazine, will close down as a “cost-saving” measure. FORUM was originally published in the 1960s/70s, with an editorial board that included Hameeda Hossain, Rehman Sobhan, and others. It was revived in the 00’s with Zafar Sobhan as editor. For last few years, Kajalie Shahreen Islam is the editor. It is the country’s only monthly magazine of serious, long-form, non-fiction essays in English. Continue reading

Dr. Perween Hasan: David Nalin, “friend from overseas” or smuggler of antiquities?

Mohammad Shahjahan, ‘Smuggling of Antiquities worth one crore’ in Weekly Bichitra ,  November 18, 1977, p 1

Mohammad Shahjahan, ‘Smuggling of Antiquities worth one crore’ in Weekly Bichitra , November 18, 1977, p 1

David Nalin: friend or smuggler of antiquities?
Guest Post by Dr. Perween Hasan

I was surprised and angered to read a report in the daily Prothom Alo (March 30, 2013) entitled ‘ This country is destined to march forward: an interview with David Nalin, a friend from overseas’. Continue reading

On the borders of two Bengals

©Manpreet Romana/NYT

Bangladeshi man runs across a makeshift bridge, as it starts to rain in Cooch Bihar district in the Indian State of West Bengal. © Manpreet Romana/NYT

In November 2012, The New York Times ran two paired pieces written from both sides of the Bengal border.

Jyoti Rahman analyzes both articles: “Naeem is a few years older than me, and Mr Ray is likely to be slightly younger. That means, all of us were born decades after partition. Ours is the generation that has not known Pakistan in Bengal. Ours is the generation that has no lived experience of 1971. Both writers describe what the ‘other’ Bengal has meant to them over the years. Obviously I can relate to Naeem’s story, but I don’t share his conclusion. And while I find Ray’s story interesting for its misconception, I do relate to the way his story ends.”
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