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Encountering the past on the suspicious terrain of the present


Interaction with the school children during
the excavation on Parur Dhibi, Belwa, Ghoraghat

 –   ‘Oh Bhai, kichhu paichhen?’ [Have you found anything, brother?]

-   Hya, paichhi to. Iter dewal, ghar, matir khola, pathor ar pathorer bhanga tukra’ [Yes, we have. Brick-built walls, rooms, pottery, stone and stone pieces.]

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Re-thinking communalism

Re-thinking communalism
by Swadhin Sen

I dedicate this writing to my sister Sujata Sen, whose anguished memories of not having seen our father during the five years before his death, haunts her to this day, I know that this is a trivial  offering compared to her suffering.

Sincere discussions on the communal oppression and violence that exist in  Bangladesh, are very rare; much of the discussion is conducted from within established conventions, if I may add, overwhelmingly so. Hardly any  serious social scientific analysis of communalism exists. Short stories, novels or poetry depicting communal violence and oppression in post-independent Bangladesh are few and far between, they are rare enough to be counted off on one’s fingers. There are not many essays either. The silence about communalism in plays and cinemas is almost deafening.

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