Kimberly Ann Elliott: Better work for Bangladesh

Kimberly Ann Elliott

In the wake of Savar and Tazreen, debate rages in garments business about whether to deepen trade ties, or take punitive measures (“39 per cent said they would probably buy fewer products produced in Bangladesh, according to a survey by Harris Poll“).  Kimberly Ann Elliott (co-author of Can Labor Standards Improve Under Globalization?) argues for deeper ties, and better safety measures. Continue reading

Jerry Allen: Expulsion from Bangladesh

[Editor’s Note: Jerry Allen submitted this article about his experience in CHT to several deshi media outlets, who did not print it. AoD is printing it today in its entirety.]

Expulsion from Bangladesh
By Jerry Allen

Jerry Allen

Jerry Allen

In the summer of 2011 I was forced to leave Bangladesh due to fabricated press stories. I was a victim of anti-foreigner sentiment resulting from the politics and security situation in the Chittagong Hill Tracts. Continue reading

British Bangladeshi “Power 100”

BRITISH BANGLADESHI POWER 100 list has been released. Problematic concept (“Power”), fuzzy categories, and bizarro inclusions (Gaffar Chowdhury!), but here it is– for blog dissection.


1. Irene Zubaida Khan

Human Rights Activist

Irene is Chancellor of University of Salford and in 2001 she was the first woman, the first Asian, and the first Muslim to guide the world’s largest human rights organization, Amnesty International as its seventh Secretary General. Continue reading

Bangla Academy Debate

The Hay Festival controversy picks up speed as protesters demand “Prime Minister’s intervention to refrain Bangla Academy from being the host of the Hay Festival on the academy premises, resignation of Bangla Academy director general Shamuzzaman Khan and bringing charges of anti-state activities.”

The following chronology is compiled from various blog and facebook posts.

1. Somewherein blog by Tokon Thakur on who are the corporate sponsors of Hay, why this English matbori, anointment of elites. He singles out “Kaziputro” (son of Kazi, a reference to author K. Anis Ahmed) and “Anamkonya” (daughter of Anam, a reference to Tahmima Anam). Kazi & Kazi Tea and Daily Star are two of the sponsors of Hay. K. Anis released Goodnight Mr Kissinger, right before Hay, and Tahmima Anam released The Good Muslim earlier this year.

Continue reading