Liberation through the Gunday lens

Bangla poster of Hindi film 'Gunday'

Bangla poster of Hindi film ‘Gunday’

Liberation through the Gunday lens
By Fahima Durrat for

Factual errors made in a fictitious storyline may seem like a trivial matter, but they can hide icebergs. The iceberg that showed its tip in the film Gunday seems to have reappeared again in the headlines of Indian newspapers. Bangladesh protests against “distortion” of history, they report. Those inverted commas reveal a deeper source of offence.

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Rituparno Ghosh (1963-2013): “Mathura Nagar Pati Kahe Tum Gokul Jao”

Rituparno Ghosh in Chitrangada
Rituparno Ghosh (1963-2013): “Mathura Nagar Pati Kahe Tum Gokul Jao”
by Seuty Sabur, for

I am not able to concentrate for the past two days. It has been pouring since Thursday. The rain nor sun affects my mood that much, wind does… and there were gusts of wind coming in circles…potted plants at my office windowpane committed suicide twice; they were too fragile to withstand the wind. Continue Reading

Rituparno Ghosh (1963-2013): The king of all seasons, despite seasons

Source: BBC

Source: BBC

ঋতুরাজ, ঋতু নির্বিশেষে (The King of all seasons, despite seasons)
by Gargi  Bhattacharya for

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
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Love that Country

It was early or mid 1980s. I am just finishing my high school.  1972 Bangla film ওরা এগারো জন  Ora Egaro Jon, was re-released in theaters across the country. In mine and many others’ opinion, ওরা এগারো জন is one of the ten best movies ever made in Bangladesh. This movie, made by freedom fighter turned director, Chashi Nazrul Islam and starred by Razzak, Shabana as well as star freedom fighters like Khasru, Nantu etc,  is one of the best 1971 related movies ever made. Continue Reading