Making Dhaka Livable

Dhaka City. Source: Sandeep Menon Photography, Flickr.

Dhaka City. Source: Sandeep Menon Photography, Flickr.

Making Dhaka Livable 

by Humayun Kabir for

Dhaka has been once again deemed by the Economist as the second least livable city in the world.  Damascus came in last only because of the civil war that is tearing the city apart.  If the civil war were to stop today, Damascus would become imminently more livable than Dhaka tomorrow.  Regardless of our opinion of the Economist or its survey, I don’t think any of us would disagree that living conditions of Dhaka are horrid and are in dire need of improvement.  In this article I will try to suggest a few ways to improve Dhaka’s livability.  However, before doing so let me say a few words in defense of Dhaka and about the dangers of drawing up schemes for improvement.Continue Reading

Faruk Wasif: The Sahibs of Begum Para and the turtles that sell the country

“’Second Home’: The Sahibs of Begam Para and the Turtles that Sell the Country”
by Faruk Wasif for Prothom Alo, translated for by Nusrat Chowdhury [please do not reproduce w/o permission]

If one asked which animal carries its own home on its back, the answers would be, 1. a turtle; 2. a Chinese farmer; and, 3. a few thousand wealthy Bangladeshis. Continue Reading

Rana Plaza built on land grabbed from Rabindranath Sarkar

Rabindranath Sarkar

“Journalist brother. You are a Hindu, I am a Hindu. Please don’t do any more harm to me. You know, how Hindus have to live in this country. Rana Plaza collapsed on top of my house and office. Four of my staff and three of my house help died. After the accident, goods were looted from my house. I can’t even go into my own house.”Continue Reading

Savar: Total eclipse of the state

Alal O Dulal collects  different views on rescue operations.

£45-a-month hero amputated girl's hand to save her from factory carnage

Didar Hossain visits Aanna Akhtar in hospital Photo: David Bergman

Blogger Nazrul: “Savar is being rescued by the common people of this country– from [religious] huzur to heavy metal listening punk kid; from scarf wearing girl to super mod girl, from lungi and torn genji wearing  low-income labor to shirt-pant wearing bhadralok. Everyone is here to help others. Human is for human, they proved it again today. Continue Reading