Prashanta Tripura: Open letter to Prof. Anisuzzaman (‘nrigoshthi’ debate)

(l) Prashanta Tripura; (r) Prof Anisuzzaman

(l) Prashanta Tripura; (r) Prof Anisuzzaman

‘Even you, sir?': On my open letter to Professor Anisuzzaman
by Prashanta Tripura for

I. Background: A Seminar

‘The Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University urges increased intercommunication’ would be an English translation of part of the headline of a report on a seminar held at the premises of DU on October 26, 2013. Continue Reading

My father would have been 87

Tanvir Haider Chaudhury (age 3) with his father Prof. Mufazzal Haider Chaudhury. Source: Tanvir family album, with permission.

Tanvir Haider Chaudhury (age 3) with his father Prof. Mufazzal Haider Chaudhury. Source: Tanvir family album, with permission.

My father would have been 87
by Tanvir Haider Chaudhury

It was my father’s birthday yesterday. Professor Mufazzal Haider Chaudhury would have been 87. He never got to approach that age because he was tortured and murdered at 45, the same age as I am now, by the Al-Badr militia. In 1971.Continue Reading

Status Quo versus those crazy 13 points, a nonagenarian cleric and the angry young men

Photo: Saiful Islam

Photo: Saiful Islam

The whole country is still in a standstill after the Long March and Dhaka rally of Hefazate Islam. Hefazate Islam, a conglomerate of several thousands Madrassahs across the country, announced this long march program to press their 13 point demand. Their 13 point demands are the following,

1. Reinstate the phrase ” Complete trust and faith in Allah” in the constitution and abolish all laws contradicting the dictates of Quran and Sunnah.
2. National Parliament must pass new law with provision of highest capital punishment for blasphemy.
3. The Murtad atheist bloggers who are leading Shahbag movement and speaking ill of prophet Muhammad ( SM) and Islam must be punished and all the anti Islam campaign must be stopped.Continue Reading

When Shahbag meets Boro Huzur

As I understand from today’s press reports – The Gonojagoron Mancha leadership does not see ‘Hifazate Islami’ as an objectionable organization and hence they have no problem meeting the Hefazate islami leadership. The Gonojagoron Mancha has so far shown good will to Hefazate islami by cancelling it’s rally scheduled to be help in Chittagong today. This attitude of Gonojagoron Mancha definitely is in stark contrast with their attitude towards another Islamist group Jamaat e Islami.

Shahbagh Square, Day 2. Image:

Shahbagh Square, Day 2. Image:

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1983: In Shahbag, they died FOR a cause

1983 14 february photo

1983. February 14. Shahbag moar, Dhaka.
Students of Dhaka University gathered for a large scale protest. Their demands were 1. Postpone anti people education policy, 2. Free all jailed students and 3. Restore democracy.

Police opened indiscriminate fire at the protesters. Five students – Zafar, Dipali Saha, Jainal, Mozammel and Ayub – were killed instantly in police firing.
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World Teacher Day

খবর: “৭০ বছর বয়সের অবসরপ্রাপ্ত স্কুলশিক্ষক তৈয়ব মাস্টারকে গত ৫ অক্টোবর চাঁদপুরে লাঞ্ছিত করা হয় ছেলের নেয়া টাকা পরিশোধ না করতে পারায়”!

৫ অক্টোবর ছিল বিশ্ব শিক্ষক দিবস!