Did You Hear The Loud Laughter This September?

Did You Hear The Loud Laughter This September?

by Awrup Sanyal for Alal o Dulal

Copyright: Ronny Sen

Copyright: Ronny Sen


September is quite the month.

A month that is a bridge between seasons.

A month when trees shed, air turns, colours fuse and meld, clouds coalesce and disintegrate, showing and unshowing, laying bare for us the essence of things, or things that are essential that we sometimes take for granted. Like the look of a bare tree without its leafy ornamentation. Let’s call that the Nature’s idea of a joke: stripping itself down to what it is when it has not covered itself in sartorial elegance.

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Apsari Chakma: Life in the School Room

The author. Source: Thotkata.net

The author. Source: Thotkata.net

When I was very little my mother used to tell me all kinds of bedtime fairytale stories. I used to think that the fairy princesses from these stories were supremely happy and content. You could say, my life now is the exact opposite of their lives.

Life in the School Room

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Publishing the images of teen sex workers is nothing but a showcase of poverty

©Andrew Biraj/Reuters

©Andrew Biraj/Reuters

টিনেজ যৌনকর্মীদের ছবি প্রকাশ, দারিদ্র্যতা শো করা ছাড়া অন্য কিছু না  – মৃদুল শাওন

ফেসবুকে কয়েকজনরে দেখলাম একটা লিঙ্ক শেয়ার দিতাছে। ‘BuzzFeed’ নামের একটা আমেরিকান ওয়েবসাইটে বাংলাদেশের টিনেজ-যৌনকর্মীদের তিরিশটা ছবি। শিরোনাম- “30 Tragic, Beautiful Photos Of Teenage Prostitutes In Bangladesh”।Continue Reading

While Taranco negotiates: political games & sexual violence

The fall (© Faheem Haider)

© Faheem Haider for AlalODulal.org

While Taranco negotiates: political games & sexual violence
by Faruk Wasif for Prothom Alo
Translated for AlalODulal.org by Emon Sarwar

Two women are fighting in the capital city- the centre of power; hands and legs of the people are tied. In Jessore a mother and her daughter were raped simultaneously, father and bother had to watch it happening — their hands and legs were tied up too.

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Let’s talk about Rape (in Bangladesh)

Protesting  violence on Yasmin Day to mark the fateful incident of a fourteen year old girl, who was raped and murdered by a group of police.

Protesting violence on Yasmin Day to mark the fateful incident of a fourteen year old girl, who was raped and murdered by a group of police.

Let’s talk about Rape (in Bangladesh)

By Nadine S. Murshid for AlalODulal.org

There is something fundamentally wrong with men (and women) who rape. It is a maladaptation of sex, a manifestation of psychopathology, a sign of being a sociopath or a psychopath, a tool to garner control, and an outward expression of deep internal anger and resentment.  In the context of Bangladesh (as elsewhere), it is also a response to sexual repression, lack of education about sex and appropriate sexual behaviors, and patriarchal values that give men (or those with power) the right to dominate and control women and their bodies (or, whichever party is deemed to be powerless).

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