Little Jihad left a few questions for Bangladesh!

Four year old Ziad who died having fallen into a narrow disused well by WASA.

Four year old Jihad who died having fallen into a narrow disused well by WASA.

Jihad showed that, this country takes 23 hours to rescue a 4 year old child. That it takes six hours for this country to turn on a [rescue] camera. That the fire service gets to the disaster site an hour and a half late. That the State Minister of this country misleads the people of the country, and meddles in the rescue operation of the fire service.

ছোট্ট জিয়াদ গোটা বাংলাদেশের কাছে অনেকগুলো প্রশ্ন রেখে গেল!

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Sadly, it is us, not them

© Faheem Haider for

© Faheem Haider for

Sadly, it is us, not them

by Srabanti Datta for

“If we take a thorough look, we’ll see that across every regime, we the citizens actually instigate, motivate, take part in, and take benefits of all the system malfunctions, regulation maneuvers, corruptions, power-abuses, non-performances, in numerous ways at every level.
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Anu Muhammad: While Our Eyes Are Elsewhere

Prof. Anu Muhammad arrested during left hartal. © Priyo

Prof. Anu Muhammad arrested during left hartal. © Priyo

While Our Eyes Are Elsewhere
by Anu Muhammad, Translated by Tibra Ali for

Despite putting people from all walks of life at risk, the recent violence and uncertainty in our country seem to have inconvenienced the local and foreign plunderers and invaders very little. On the contrary, in many instances because of the shifted attention it has even helped them. For many this time of uncertainty has been a blessing!

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Case Niko: Ottawa’s corruption test case

Niko Resources: Ottawa’s corruption test case

By Bangladeshi standards, the red-brick compound of A.K.M. Mosharraf Hossain is a country estate. A four-foot wall encircles the property in the capital city of Dhaka. The only way inside is past a guard booth and a metal gate that leads to the politician’s roundabout driveway. But there was no problem gaining admission on May 23, 2005, when two representatives from Niko Resources , a Canadian natural gas company, arrived at the gate. They were waved through with a brand-new, shiny gift—a black Toyota Land Cruiser. The two Niko officials, both Bangladeshi, stood by while the car keys were handed over to Hossain’s driver. Continue reading

Share Market, Destiny, Hallmark: “Pathological Greed”

Rahnuma Ahmed: Who benefits? Cabinet ministers, their family members, their family businesses (suspicions of a “cartel”). Ruling party loyalists. Traders. Stock market regulators (officials in the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Investment Corporation of Bangladesh). Military officers. Government high officials (in the civilian bureaucracy, in state-owned banks)… allegiances, whether to the Awami League or the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, are not hard and fast. “When it comes to making money, they [businessmen] are above politics.”
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Padma Bridge: Back to World Bank!

After doing so much NATOK all summer, Awami League ends up “following” all of World Bank’s directives, and the WB, “satisfied”, reopens Padma Bridge funding discussion. So why did Awami League put people of Bangladesh through this process of denial, chest-thumping, contrition, back door, acknowledgment, firing, and return cap-in-hand?

The World Bank understands that all government employees and officials alleged to have been involved in corrupt acts in connection with the project have been put on leave from Government service until an investigation is completed, and that a full and fair investigation is now underway.

1) The other gates 2) “World Bank is Corrupt” 3) Anu Muhammad on World Bank 4) Abul Hossain: I came, I destroyed, I resigned 5) Bridge over troubled water
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Not all dog would run and jump after the treat — but does it matter?

Awami League political stalwart Tofael Ahmed and center left political icon Rashed Khan Menon declined a recent offer to be ministers for the last year of Awami League Government. Although some media reporting were laced with a strong element of surprise, there in fact should not be any surprise in this decision.

For Tofael and Menon, the decision was very easy. Although they risked alienating the all powerful elected dictator of the country — Sheikh Hasina and they made their re-election process a tad difficult — they earned much more long term dividends with this decision. First,they know very clearly that being a minister does not guarantee or even facilitate re-election if a fair election is allowed to happen under an anti-incumbency wave.

And then, As the current trend goes, i.e. it is very stylish to curse two major political party leaders and demand a 3rd political ( or even non political force) — Tofael and Menon just earned bumper scores in their resume to be considered for a any future 3rd ( political or non political) force front leader job. And in a phenomenon of reciprocity, while Tofael- Menon gain 3rd force credibility, 3rd force also gains traction with more credible 3rd force leadership contenders.

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