Open Letter to Narendra Modi

By Nadine Murshid for

Narendra Mod. Photo: Forbes

Narendra Modi. Photo: Forbes


Dear Mr. Modi,

It has come to our attention that you are about to head the next government in India. Many congratulations. It has also come to our attention that you have been saying un-neighborly things about us, Bangladesh and Bangladeshis. We are deeply hurt by your comments, but we are open to forgiveness. We are not the forgiving type, really, but we do make exceptions. And we will for you if you carefully consider the following: Continue reading

Afsan Chowdhury: Do we really care about Felani?

Posters protesting border killings showing the Felani's dead body. Source: Dhaka Tribune.

Posters protesting border killings showing Felani’s dead body. Source: Dhaka Tribune.

Do we really care about Felani?

By Afsan Chowdhury for

Do you have to be shot by the Indian security forces and lie hanging on the border fence before anyone notices you?

There are millions of such desperately poor girls who live out a terrible life and die but nobody pays any attention. But we notice Felani’s because it’s violent, involves our so-called sovereignty and also India, whom we dislike for many reasons. Continue reading

Remittance Crisis: UAE halts Bangladesh visas

Image: Daily Star

AlaloDulal first reported the coming crisis with UAE visas on August 27th. We wished we had been wrong, but today’s report confirms the ban has officially started. Congratulations to AL government for successfully botching this issue, as they destroy everything they touch.

Authorities in the UAE have stopped issuing all kinds of entry permits for Bangladeshi passport holders because of security concerns over identification and fake documents, the gulfnews reports. Continue reading