Comparison of India and Bangladesh

Reuters/Mansi Thapliyal, via Atlantic/ India

Protests in India against sexual violence/Reuters/Mansi Thapliyal, via Atlantic

Comparison of Political Culture of India and Bangladesh- A Common Man’s Fantasy!
 By Aminul Sarwar for Alal O Dulal

While we discuss Bangladesh politics- India comes up automatically. Regional hegemony, friendship and bitterness, mutual interest, influence over Bangladesh’s internal politics- hosts of many other issues make India an important and inseparable factor in Bangladesh. Continue reading

Things (have) Fall(en) Apart

Copyright: Alalodulal

Copyright: Alal O Dulal

Things (have) Fall(en) Apart

by Shams Al-Majhi for Alal O Dulal
I was cycling around most nights and one could sense the sinister presence of chaos waiting to happen. Friends and well wishers raised the alert to DEFCON 4. An imminency of something unspeakable perhaps? Did they have intel I didn’t — raids, bombs, curfew, flag marches? Continue reading