Memories Of Underdevelopment – Grand Alliance And The Third Force In Power Politics

© Faheem Haider

© Faheem Haider

Memories Of Underdevelopment – Grand Alliance And The Third Force In Power Politics

By Faruk Wasif, translated by Emon Sarwar for Alal ODulal

Friedrich Engels in his 1887 essay,  “The Role of Force in History”, (1) discussed the role of coercion in the history. Paris commune was an ideal model where peoples’ force overthrew the ‘System’. On the other hand, Prussia of Bismarck or Napoleon’s France is the classical examples of hegemonic force. Continue reading

Two wings and a prayer

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Ask for a piece on Pakistan and Bangladesh during December and you’re likely to get something about the 1971 wars — note the plural, because the eastern part of the subcontinent simultaneously experienced an inter-ethnic civil war and ethno-communal cleansing, genocide, inter-state conventional war and a war of national liberation, all climaxing in the crisp Bengali winter of 1971.  Naeem Mohaiemen’s seven part series is an example, covering many aspects of that fateful year.  Let me skip 1971 in this post.  Instead, I’ll begin by marking the other December anniversary, one that will have a particular relevance for Pakistan and Bangladesh in 2013.  And I’ll note the parallels between the post-1971 developments in the two wings of former United Pakistan.

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Deep Politics, Part 2: One-eyed world of the “civil war” roadmap

Deep Politics, Part 2:  One-eyed world of the “civil war” roadmap
by Faruk Wasif; translated by Tibra Ali



In boxing, fighters need to be alert of each other’s every move. The hunter too targets his prey using only one eye. He is not interested in widening his field of vision. But freedom fighters cannot afford to just focus on eliminating the enemy, they must also keep an eye on the political and ideological aspects of the situation. They need to widen their field of view of the world. The political chase is not the same as giving chase to a band of robbers. Continue reading