The Glorious and Bloody History of Tamil Language Movement


©Awrup Sanyal

The Glorious and Bloody History of Tamil Language Movement

By Shafiqur Rahman for AlaloDulal

There is a widespread misinformation in our country that we, Bengalis, are the only nation to shed blood for establishment of language rights. Anyone with familiarity with history and rise of nationalism in the last three centuries would know that language rights have been forefront in many struggles of national self-determination in Europe and Asia. Continue reading

Our tragic tunes for Mandela are high level hypocrisy

© Faheem Haider for

© Faheem Haider for

“All the tragic tunes we sing for Nelson Mandela are fake. Our internalized racism and societal dehumanization is denied; so our tears for the black struggle through Nelson Mandela is a high level of hypocrisy.”

“ফলে নেলসন ম্যান্ডেলাকে নিয়ে আমরা যে মর্সিয়া গীতি গাচ্ছি তা ভুয়া। আমাদের অন্তর্গত রেসিজম এবং সমাজের ভেতর এই ডিহিউমানায়জেশান কে স্বীকার না করে, নেলসন ম্যান্ডেলার কালো মানুষের লড়াই নিয়ে আমাদের কান্নাকাটি একটা চরম লেভেলের হিপক্রেসি ছাড়া আর কিছুই নাই।” Continue reading

Siddhartha Mitter: The Cartography of Bullshit

Max Fisher Cartography of Bullshit

“This week, Fisher proposed to his readers what he titled “A fascinating map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries.” The deepest-red, or most racially intolerant, countries were India, Bangladesh and Jordan. Russia and China fell in the middle; much of Africa was left out for lack of data, but South Africa came out light blue (highly tolerant), and Nigeria light red (highly intolerant). Other highly tolerant countries included Pakistan and Belarus.” Continue reading

Shahbag slogans: inclusion of diversity

শাহবাগের আন্দোলন শুরু হয়েছিল মাত্র কয়েকজনের …

Photo : The bloggers who called for the Shahbag protest .  source: facebook

Shahbag slogans: inclusion of diversity
- Muktasree Sathi Chakma

The Shahbag protest, demanding the death sentence for the war criminals of 1971’s independence war, began on February 5, 2013. The protest welcomed diverse groups, despite their distinct identities and, through its inclusive nature, demonstrated that the sun is finally rising on Bangladesh. Continue reading