All Hail The King!

Protests in Dhaka against execution of Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia. ©Demotix/Firoz Ahmed

Protests in Dhaka against execution of Bangladeshis in Saudi Arabia. ©Demotix/Firoz Ahmed

All Hail The King! Bangladesh government orders flags at half-mast to mourn the departed Saudi king, honoring a man who presided over decades of abuse of migrant South Asian workers, including beheading of 8 Bangladeshis in 2011. Continue reading

RAB: Enforced disappearances. Missing, dead

RAB. Photo: Reuters

RAB. Photo: Reuters

From crossfire, to encounter, to cold-blooded murder. By members of the law-enforcement agencies. Accountable to none. Apparently carrying out government instructions to quell political opposition. Apparently hiring out their services, like mercenaries, to interested quarters who want their rivals finished off. Licence to abduct, to `disappear’  people, who are citizens of the state, are tax-payers. Continue reading

Three videos, three reactions and one loser

Writing this blog was extremely difficult. Because this blog forced me to watch part of some gruesome videos of public lynching and listen to some poor soul’s last cries for life and see beastly traits of mankind. In most cases I turned off the video during the chopping beating scenes. I apologize to AoD readers for posting these gruesome videos, although I guess most of you have already come across this videos through social media. I will strongly advise viewers discretion before watching the videos.

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M Ilias Ali : His right to be dead

Some religious rituals have taken a deeper root in our Bengali Muslim culture than the others. Despite aggression of Wahhabi traits and anti- Sufi onslaught, two rituals, Kulkhani – a Sufi tradition and Chehlam- A Shi’ite tradition have remained strongly ingrained in Bengali Muslim psych. When someone dies in this society, the survivors and the society feel extremely passionate to conduct these two rituals for the salvation of the soul of the departed and to be able to end the formal mourning and move on.

This was Ilias Ali's Facebook Profile Picture

This was Ilias Ali’s Facebook Profile Picture

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Damning Indictment from Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watchdog, Human Rights Watch released this statement to express concern at growing number of enforced disappearances of opposition political leaders and activists.

The rise in disappearances, particularly of opposition members and activists, requires a credible and independent investigation. The government has taken no serious steps to ensure such an investigation of these disappearances nor to prevent them in the first place.

Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch

Bangladesh: Alarming Rise in ‘Disappearances’

Government Needs to Account for Missing Opposition Figures

(New York) – The Bangladesh government should immediately order an independent and impartial investigation into the growing number of cases where opposition members and political activists have vanished without trace, Human Rights Watch said today. The most recent episode, on April 17, 2012, involved Elias Ali, secretary of the Sylhet Division of the opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).
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