While Taranco negotiates: political games & sexual violence

The fall (© Faheem Haider)

© Faheem Haider for AlalODulal.org

While Taranco negotiates: political games & sexual violence
by Faruk Wasif for Prothom Alo
Translated for AlalODulal.org by Emon Sarwar

Two women are fighting in the capital city- the centre of power; hands and legs of the people are tied. In Jessore a mother and her daughter were raped simultaneously, father and bother had to watch it happening — their hands and legs were tied up too.

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When The Hungry Beasts Fight

Bodies lie crushed inside the mangled wreckage of a carriage of Padmarag Express at Burangi of Sagata upazila of Gaibandha yesterday after opposition activists removed fishplates of the track. Photo: Focus Bangla. Source: The Daily Star, Bangladesh.

Wreckage of Padmarag Express, Gaibandha. ©Focus Bangla/The Daily Star.

Two hungry beasts are fighting amongst themselves. We, the common people, are like sheep that are waiting to see which one will come and attack us.
by Zia Hassan for AlalODulal.org. Translated by Tibra Ali

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The Drug Triangle: The Poor as Collateral Damage

The Drug Triangle: The Poor as Collateral Damage
by Shaher Zaidi for AlalODulal.org, reprinted in Dhaka Tribune, Sep 10, 2013

Afsan Chowdhury recently posed this question: At the Bdnews roundtable on the Oishee incident and the role of media and police, some people said that addiction was much more in the English medium schools… How much of this is perceptional and how much real ? Continue reading

Zia Hassan: An Institutional Failure

© Daily Star

© Daily Star

[Editor: Originally posted on March 3rd, 2013. Reposting, in light of recent events.]
An institution must remain completely neutral. The institutions of a state are bound to treat every human being equally – whether that person is from Jamaat, Shibir, or Chhatra League, whether they are poor or rich, atheist, Hindu or Muslim, it doesn’t matter. To quell those who went out to demonstrate against the verdict on Sayedee or went on an angry rampage by shooting them is not equal treatment.
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The Raja Bazaar murder: M K Alamgir Delivers — but what?

The gruesome murder of TV journalist couple Sagar Sarwar and Meherun Runi will be considered, undoubtedly, as one of the most sensational crimes in history of Bangladesh. Since that gruesome death at their Raja Bazaar apartment ten months ago, Government’s role in investigation of the murder was very questionable if not suspicious. While PM made her now infamous comment “We can not guard every bedroom“, home Minister, Police Chief, Police high ups, and RAB’s blabbermouth Commander Sohail — all made promises to apprehend the criminals within the next 48 hours and then for some unclear reason backed off from the promises and remained silent.

So our new Home Minister took charge and declared that  Sagar-Runi case may be unearthed by Oct 10. After the declaration he spent time doing this

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