RAB: Enforced disappearances. Missing, dead

RAB. Photo: Reuters

RAB. Photo: Reuters

From crossfire, to encounter, to cold-blooded murder. By members of the law-enforcement agencies. Accountable to none. Apparently carrying out government instructions to quell political opposition. Apparently hiring out their services, like mercenaries, to interested quarters who want their rivals finished off. Licence to abduct, to `disappear’  people, who are citizens of the state, are tax-payers. Continue reading

Trayvon Martin & Limon Hossain: Innocence on Trial

Trayvon Martin. Photo released by his family.

Trayvon Martin. Photo released by his family.

Trayvon Martin and Limon Hossain: Innocence on Trial
by Tibra Ali for AlalODulal.org

recently came across a chalked message on the sidewalk that summed up the media circus and the whole trial in one pithy remark: “Only in America does an innocent victim like Trayvon Martin have to stand trial for his own murder.” But the first thing that popped into my mind was how the “Only in America…” part is actually incorrect. In particular, I thought of the young Bangladeshi student Limon Hossain.

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M Ilias Ali : His right to be dead

Some religious rituals have taken a deeper root in our Bengali Muslim culture than the others. Despite aggression of Wahhabi traits and anti- Sufi onslaught, two rituals, Kulkhani – a Sufi tradition and Chehlam- A Shi’ite tradition have remained strongly ingrained in Bengali Muslim psych. When someone dies in this society, the survivors and the society feel extremely passionate to conduct these two rituals for the salvation of the soul of the departed and to be able to end the formal mourning and move on.

This was Ilias Ali's Facebook Profile Picture

This was Ilias Ali’s Facebook Profile Picture

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The Raja Bazaar murder: M K Alamgir Delivers — but what?

The gruesome murder of TV journalist couple Sagar Sarwar and Meherun Runi will be considered, undoubtedly, as one of the most sensational crimes in history of Bangladesh. Since that gruesome death at their Raja Bazaar apartment ten months ago, Government’s role in investigation of the murder was very questionable if not suspicious. While PM made her now infamous comment “We can not guard every bedroom“, home Minister, Police Chief, Police high ups, and RAB’s blabbermouth Commander Sohail — all made promises to apprehend the criminals within the next 48 hours and then for some unclear reason backed off from the promises and remained silent.

So our new Home Minister took charge and declared that  Sagar-Runi case may be unearthed by Oct 10. After the declaration he spent time doing this

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Maisha’s Day out and our exuberant police

Those who have watched the movie ” Baby’s Day Out”, must recollect the similarities and dissimilarities of the storyline of the movie and recent sensational abduction of the infant named Maisha.

In ‘Baby’s Day Out’ movie, three criminals abduct the baby of a rich man with the hope of Ransom. But the naughty baby, almost same age that of Maisha, gives the three kidnappers, not used to taking care of a baby, a run for their money. Maisha was snatched away when five robbers robbed her house in Khilgaon, Dhaka.

We don’t know what transpired between Maisha and her kidnappers since she was snatched away from her mother’s lap, but we can easily assume that the robber/ kidnappers did not have much luck with baby Maisha either. It probably was the longest night for the kidnappers, no sooner the morning day light came out and the kidnappers found a suitable spot to drop the baby off, Maisha was out in the streets waiting for someone to pick her up. The robber/ kidnappers had to be ingenious in finding a way to send a message with Maisha. Giving a piece of paper at Maisha’s hand was out of question. Maisha will either eat it or throw it away. Baby’s don’t carry bag or don’t have pockets. So the robbers came up with the excellent (!) idea of buying a white T shirt for Maisha, write the message on the T shirt and put the T shirt on her!
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Ilias Ali Missing

Aliens have a new victim. Daily Star reports:

BNP Organising Secretary (Sylhet Division) M Ilias Ali went missing Tuesday night.

Banani police found his car abandoned in front of a park in Banani near his house around 12:00 midnight. But neither Ali nor his driver, Ansar (full name could not be learnt immediately) could be traced till Wednesday afternoon.
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