Muhammad Yunus and the Terminator



Professor Muhammad Yunus is a man with formidable international name recognition, domestic popularity and civil society –donor acceptance. So he definitely is a rival to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at least in terms of clout and recognition. Is this the reason behind Mrs. Hasina and her Government’s self-immolating attempts to harass and undermine Professor Yunus? Is jealousy is the only factor behind the fact the whole state craft of Bangladesh spend months after months, whole cabinet spends two hours in special meeting and octogenarian Finance Minister makes it his magnum opus to somehow device a way for the state to remove Mr. Yunus from his high held position? Continue Reading

ব্যাঘ্র শাবক এবং নেড়ি কুকুর

Source: Internet

Source: Internet

আমাদের ব্লগার সমাজের নেতৃবৃন্দ মহা চটেছেন তরুণ রাজনীতিক আন্দালিব রহমান পার্থর উপর। কারণ জনাব পার্থ এক টক শো তে ব্লগার দের অপমান করে কথা বলেছেন।

I am the landlord

(Guest post by বর্ণচোরা).

In the fertile land of my father, who other than I should be the landlord? I am a generous, kind and educated leader, well liked both at home and abroad. My achievements this year alone would surpass those of other custodians. It is impossible to list them but I would feel terribly undone if I do not mention a few: the killing of a journalist couple, the mysterious disappearance of an opposition MP, corruption galore, unfinished infrastructure projects initiated to foster false hope and consistent erosion of law and order, culminating in destruction of temples in the southern parts of my fiefdom. And need I mention lasting economic hardship?

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