Cricket Nationalism: Death threats against Kabir Suman

Facebook death threat against Kabir Sumon

Death threat against Kabir Sumon from RSS Facebook page

Kabir Suman: “After such impassioned appeal (“Is there no one who can kill this piece of pube?”), after such frantic and helpless SOS, will no one come forward? I am a 66-year-old aging man. My limbs tremble and shake… Even children can take me down with utmost ease. Will it be a “Boimela” (book fair) for me too? The next Kolkata Boimela perhaps? Would it be right to keep me alive that long?”

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Cricket Nationalism: Mauka Mauka, 1971

Google Bangladesh

Google Bangladesh

“At this moment of masculinist and orgasmic expressions of hatred – communal, ethnic, sexist, partisan, and national – in both real and virtual world, cricket match in World Cup 2015 has become a rallying point of neo-nationalistic tyranny. In contrast to the dominating belief, sports has never been apolitical. Sometimes it becomes a space for solidarity and protest, at other times it becomes the weapons of domination and hegemonic control.” Continue reading