Frequently Addafied Questions

Why Alal o Dulal and not, say, Saleka and Maleka?

AoD takes a gender bending approach to the song, arguing that Alal and/or Dulal could both be girls climbing trees, fighting with each other and driving their father insane. Where “Ore Saleka, Ore Maleka” was born out of Azam Khan’s fantasies about the feminine sexual mystique, Alal O Dulal can represent the defiant women who shatter the tired virgin-whore dichotomy.

All well and good, but what side of the POLITICAL debate are you on?

We are on Alal and Dulal’s unmentioned mother’s side. Once she starts speaking, we will be on their uncle’s side. We shall continue until Alal and Dulal’s 24 gushti and his 934th-removed cousin in Bogra, currently a cleaner at an NGO-funded school on the coast, is given a voice. After which, we will cease to be.

And we pledge to be unceasing, zealous advocates for the little child born beside the railroad track. We could not save the one born yesterday, but maybe there is hope for the one who will be born tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Is there a way to edit comments, after you have hit the “post comment” button? Is there a way to edit posts after it is published?

    Every time I read something that I have written, I become embarrassed by the mistakes and sometimes the typos and writing mistakes make the intended meaning obscure. So there should be a way to edit posts and comments even after they have been published. Is there a way? I could not figure it out by exploring the available tools.

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