Paltan to Shahbag

An election is approaching.  Government is set make the playing field as uneven as possible.  Opposition needs a major street victory to change the game.  Jamaat is flexing its muscle.  Secular-liberal-progressives are worried about what might happen if Awami League loses to the BNP-Jamaat alliance.  The establishment — local bureaucracy-army-civi society-corporates and the international murubbis — are worried about stability.  There is much violence in the street.  No, I am not talking about today’s Bangladesh.  Though this describes Bangladesh of March 2013 pretty well, I am actually talking about late October of 2006.

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Rani-noitik Pechal

Dear Readers, we know that you care about nothing more than good old fashioned speculation about Bangladesh’s politics.  It’s the same for us over here at AoD.  During this election year, we will regularly share with you conversations had by Alal and Dulal on our rani-noitik developments. 

This one was kicked off by the following question by ADBlogger5:

So, let’s say it’s 28 October 2013. Hasina is still the PM and going to hold the elections? How does she persuade Khaleda to join elections? What can she give Khaleda in return of  joining the elections?

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The great bank robbery

So six politicos — including HM Ershad and MK Alamgir — will soon be bankers.  Why do they want to become bankers?  Good question.  I don’t think anyone starts a bank for charity — so they want to make money.  Fine.  Ain’t no problem with that.  But the Bangladesh Bank said the economy doesn’t need more.  So what will become of these banks?  Won’t they lose money?  Why do we care if people like Ershad loses money?
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