Memories Of Underdevelopment – Grand Alliance And The Third Force In Power Politics

© Faheem Haider

© Faheem Haider

Memories Of Underdevelopment – Grand Alliance And The Third Force In Power Politics

By Faruk Wasif, translated by Emon Sarwar for Alal ODulal

Friedrich Engels in his 1887 essay,  “The Role of Force in History”, (1) discussed the role of coercion in the history. Paris commune was an ideal model where peoples’ force overthrew the ‘System’. On the other hand, Prussia of Bismarck or Napoleon’s France is the classical examples of hegemonic force. Continue Reading

The Red Line and Failure of Intellectuals


The Red Line and Failure of Intellectuals

By ShafiqurRahman for Alalodulal

[In a democracy, public Intellectual have a duty to protest and indict when power centers in the state and government cross the red line. In Bangladesh, most of the intellectuals have failed time and time again to perform that sacred duty. By their failure, not only the intellectuals have become progressively irrelevant but they also have facilitated our slide down to illiberal state]

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The Unenlightened

অনালোকিত মানুষদের কথা


by Shafiqur Rahman for AlaloDulal

‘আলোকিত মানুষ’ কথাটি উদ্ভাবন ও প্রচার করেছেন জনপ্রিয় লেখক আর কলামিস্ট আনিসুল হক। প্রফেসর আবদুল্লাহ আবু সাইয়িদ এর বিশ্বসাহিত্যকেন্দ্র কে ভিত্তি করে বই পড়ার মাধ্যমে সারা দেশে Enlightened Values ছড়িয়ে দেয়ার অত্যন্ত প্রশংসনীয় এবং মহৎ চেষ্টার কথা মনে রেখেই আনিসুল হক Enlightened Man এর বাংলা ‘আলোকিত মানুষ’ করেন। এবং তিনি তার পছন্দমতো দেশের বিভিন্ন জ্ঞানীগুনী জনকে এই আলোকিত মানুষ এর সার্টিফিকেট দেন সময়ে সময়ে।

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New York: Those Protests outside Marriott

It started as a carefree walk through New York’s Times Square to unwind after a long day. Then, far off in the background, I thought I heard sounds I hadn’t heard for years and not on this side of the planet. The pulsing of slogans, and high-pitched oratory that once seemed so impressive even if one disagreed, but which now represents sclerosis, fatigue and frustration. But, that is back “home”, not here in New York, surrounded by skyscrapers and tourists.

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Bangladesh @ UN: Photo of the Day

Seated front Row from Left 1. Prime Minister of the Country 2. Foreign Minister of the country 3. Putul, Prime Minister’s daughter – a Canadian resident, 4.  Sleeping Man, 5. Unidentified

Back row seated from Left 1. Foreign Secretary Mizarul Kayes 2. Unidentified, 3. Unidentified, 4. Unidentified

Q: Where is Bangladesh Ambassador to UN Abul Momen?