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Heroes and Leaders

Heroes and Leaders by Shafiqur Rahman for “The art of projecting leaders as heroes is as old as human civilization. For a country beset with rivalry of heroic leadership … Continue reading

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Not a mindless atrocity but an atrocity of ‘war’

By Shafiqur Rahman for AlaloDulal The boy Monir died at last after three days of indescribable pain from burning of 95% of his body. The whole country silently prayed that … Continue reading

November 11, 2013 · 3 Comments

The Red Line and Failure of Intellectuals

The Red Line and Failure of Intellectuals By ShafiqurRahman for Alalodulal [In a democracy, public Intellectual have a duty to protest and indict when power centers in the state and … Continue reading

September 26, 2013 · 1 Comment

The Indian Inter-river Linking Project and Bangladesh’s Looming Water Crisis

ভারতের আন্তঃনদী সংযোগ এবং বাংলাদেশের পানি সংকট মোকাবেলায় গৃহীতব্য পদক্ষেপ A.K.M Wahiduzzaman ভূমিকা বাংলাদেশকে বলা হয় নদীমাতৃক দেশ। আক্ষরিক অর্থেই এই দেশটির জন্মদাত্রী মা হচ্ছে নদী। গঙ্গা,  ব্রহ্মপুত্র, মেঘনাসহ প্রায় … Continue reading

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India sneezes, will we catch the cold?

India sneezes, will we catch the cold? By Jyoti Rahman   for Just a year or so ago, the Indian economy was expected to be growing at a 8-9% pace, … Continue reading

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The Story of Ward 27: Part 4, Why We Vote

The Story of Ward 27: Part 4, Why We Vote by Nayma Qayum for  Why We Vote Bashabo suffers from a dearth of basic resources. But residents not only … Continue reading

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Acceptance of Lesbian Love: Too Much to Expect?

Acceptance of Lesbian Love: Too Much to Expect? By Syeda Samara Mortada for Seema is a twenty something year old girl who is not sexually attracted to the opposite … Continue reading

August 11, 2013 · 12 Comments

Bangladesh is not ours

“I feel fortunate to be a member of the Chakma community, a minority group of Bangladesh, but when such attacks occur, I sometimes feel unfortunate to be a Bangladeshi.“

August 7, 2013 · 5 Comments

Constitutionalism Run Amuck

Constitutionalism Run Amuck by Shafiq Democracy is a set of values; democracy is not a set of rules.  If the people of the land cannot contain the values within themselves, … Continue reading

August 2, 2013 · 4 Comments

The Story of Ward 27, Part 3: Inaccessible resources and untrustworthy governments

The Story of Ward 27: Part 3, Inaccessible resources and untrustworthy governments Those living in Bashabo lacked access to most government resources.

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