James Surowiecki: After Rana Plaza

© Christoph Niemann/The New Yorker

© Christoph Niemann/The New Yorker

[W]hen you consider that these reforms happened in a country with a shaky government, recovering from tremendous civil strife, and building a garment industry from scratch, their success suggests that change is possible. As Locke succinctly put it, “If Cambodia can do it, why can’t Bangladesh?” Continue reading

Shobshomabesh in front of BGMEA building

Shobshomabesh in front of BGMEA building

© Zaid Islam

DHAKA 29 NOV 2012: Activists staged a Shobshomabesh (procession of dead bodies) wearing white kafon cloth, disguised as 113 corpses, lying down in peaceful gathering in front of BGMEA building in Karwanbazar, protesting the deaths of garment workers in last week’s factory fire.

(Banner on building reads: পোশাক শিল্পীদের গানের প্রতিযোগিতা । গাও প্রাণ খুলে গাও । Singing Competition for Garmet Workers. Sing, sing with your life.)