Muhammad Yunus and the Terminator



Professor Muhammad Yunus is a man with formidable international name recognition, domestic popularity and civil society –donor acceptance. So he definitely is a rival to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at least in terms of clout and recognition. Is this the reason behind Mrs. Hasina and her Government’s self-immolating attempts to harass and undermine Professor Yunus? Is jealousy is the only factor behind the fact the whole state craft of Bangladesh spend months after months, whole cabinet spends two hours in special meeting and octogenarian Finance Minister makes it his magnum opus to somehow device a way for the state to remove Mr. Yunus from his high held position? Continue Reading

A photo that will anger PM Hasina

Muhammad Yunus in front of a capacity crowd of young people on a Saturday evening in Central Park, New York.

“Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus addressed the audience of young people of the Global Poverty Project concert. Artists Neil Young, Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, John Legend and many others performed at the event to raise awareness about global poverty”



Our problem is political, not constitutional

1995-96, AL demanded that Khaleda Zia step down before election because she couldn’t be trusted to hold a free and fair election.  Awami supporters pointed to the Magura by-election for their distrust of Khaleda.  They demanded a caretaker government.  The thing is, there was no provision for a caretaker government in the constitution, and with opposition members resigning from parliament, BNP didn’t have enough MPs to amend the constitution.Continue Reading