Maisha’s Day out and our exuberant police

Those who have watched the movie ” Baby’s Day Out”, must recollect the similarities and dissimilarities of the storyline of the movie and recent sensational abduction of the infant named Maisha.

In ‘Baby’s Day Out’ movie, three criminals abduct the baby of a rich man with the hope of Ransom. But the naughty baby, almost same age that of Maisha, gives the three kidnappers, not used to taking care of a baby, a run for their money. Maisha was snatched away when five robbers robbed her house in Khilgaon, Dhaka.

We don’t know what transpired between Maisha and her kidnappers since she was snatched away from her mother’s lap, but we can easily assume that the robber/ kidnappers did not have much luck with baby Maisha either. It probably was the longest night for the kidnappers, no sooner the morning day light came out and the kidnappers found a suitable spot to drop the baby off, Maisha was out in the streets waiting for someone to pick her up. The robber/ kidnappers had to be ingenious in finding a way to send a message with Maisha. Giving a piece of paper at Maisha’s hand was out of question. Maisha will either eat it or throw it away. Baby’s don’t carry bag or don’t have pockets. So the robbers came up with the excellent (!) idea of buying a white T shirt for Maisha, write the message on the T shirt and put the T shirt on her!
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