“World Bank is Corrupt” – আপনার ডালেও কুচ কালা হেয়

*Update below*

“World Bank is corrupt, therefore ওদের কি অধিকার আছে আমাদের দুর্নীতিবাজ বলার?”

That tune seemed to be the desperate last ditch effort from a government facing severe damage to its reputation, before more sensible people took charge. The change of tune from Muhith and Quader speak for themselves.

I do not have the  screen shots, but readers can rest assured that early yesterday evening both Daily Star and bdnews24.com ran a similar feature about a recent Forbes article on the dysfunction within the bank itself. Daily Star link here and bdnews24 link here. Both these articles featured prominently on their front pages. Both disappeared from their home pages within hours.

What was that about?

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