Epic Kechal 2: Alo vs Anti-Establishment

The Epic Kechal: The Hegemony of Prothom-alo and the Anti Establishment Group
by Zia Hassan

In Bangladesh politics, there is an interesting saying. If both the government and the opposition are criticizing you and then you must be doing something right. Prothom-alo continuously holds that enviable positioning in our society. But, it is not only the government and the opposition,  Prothom-alo draws flack from all corners. The communist hate them, the people in military hate them, the mullah’s hate them, the liberals hate them.   Continue reading


For the past decade or so, the establishment — susheel types, foreign murubbis, khaki, old and new money — in Bangladesh had a clear view about the two political parties: while they are both bad, Awami League can be at least tolerated, BNP on the other hand is pure evil.  Read a typical piece by Zafar Sobhan or Sohrab Hossain to see what I mean. 

When asked about what’s the minimum BNP needs to do to become tolerable, the establishment types say ‘dump the razakar/mollah/jongis’.

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