Where will Hindus go?

“What happened in Satkhira is very shameful,” senior Awami League leader Suranjit Sengupta said on Friday at a programme of the Kendriya Puja Celebration Committee at the capital’s Dhakeshwari National Temple. “I would like to ask home minister Shahara Khatun or the state minister for home to visit the place in order to investigate the incident. Please take necessary measures and notify parliament about it.”

Sengupta: Go probe Satkhira attack

Satkhira (March 2012)

Manik Rakkhit, a Jagannath Hall student, demanded exemplary punishment of the attackers. His fellow Prodip Chowdhury said National Human Rights Commission chairman Mizanur Rahman talks about many other issues but he is silent about torture on Hindus. He said Monday’s attack was similar to that of Chittagong’s Hathazari on Feb 10.

DU students protest attacks on Hindus

Police said heated arguments took place on Mar 27 at Fatehpur School in Kaliganj over alleged disrespect shown to Prophet Mohammad (SM) during a play staged there as part of the Independence Day celebrations. Later in the day, police arrested the school’s headmaster and the playwright, an assistant teacher, following protest by a group of Muslims in the area. According to witnesses, a group of Muslim residents of the area attacked the houses of Hindu residents on Sunday after a dispute arose during an arbitration on the matter at Kaliganj upazila’s Chakdaha village… Satkhira is a stronghold of Jamaat-e-Islami, key member of the opposition alliance led by BNP.

Satkhira SP, OC recalled over attack on Hindus

Hathazari (February 2012)

Local people claimed religious bigots of Jamaat-e-Islami and its student wing Chhatra Shibir incited the vandalism and arson of the temples from Thursday evening to Friday noon. Tensions that boiled over into violence originated Thursday morning following rumours that a mosque had been attacked. Allegations have it that houses of Hindus in the area were also attacked. The leaders of the Hindu minority there blamed the ‘indifference’ of the administration for the situation.

Temples, shops of Hindus attacked at Hathazari


  1. I warmly salute the students of DU for protesting this. In fact, if not for them, I doubt most of us would even have been aware of this incident. We need to speak out and say that every time a media organization blanks out news like this, it contributes to the next incident of communal violence.


    “Terrorists still operate from Bangladesh: India”


  2. I am very confused about one thing. Why news of Hindu persecution under Awami Leage government does get into the meda? And why such events gets inflated publicity if these events take place under a BNP government?

    1. But should that be main focus? So, there are double standards and people brush anti-Hindu violence under the carpet under AL. So what? Should not our focus be on stopping the violence, not getting into that age-old League-BNP double standard debate.

  3. It does not help the cause when the progressive media do not publish the news and ultra right wing media publishes items blaming the minority community.

    A major tool, I would say the most powerful tool, to keep the establishment under check and balance and pressure them in protecting monirities, is a powerful progressive media. This is more true for countries like India, Bangladesh. For the longest time I believed that our powerful media and loud civil society will act as an effective buffer to safeguard our minority communities.

    And even now, nothing would help the cause more than a TV crew going to the victis homes and interviewing them. But that simply is not happening. I don’t trust our minorities with this government, or any government. Our successive governments will only do stuffs that will benefit them in electoral politics or stuff they are being forced to do under pressure from media or international community.

    Nation would not even heard of Satkhira incident if it is not for the Hindu students of Dhaka university going to street.

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