A man called Azam Khan: Railline-er oi bostite

Soumen Sengupta (l), Azam Khan (r)

This blog is named after guru Azam Khan, who sang “Railine er oi bosti te/Jonmechilo ekti chele/Ma taar kade/Cheleti more geche/Hai amar Bangladesh”.

Today, another Azam Khan finally speaks up.

“Do not implicate Suranjit Sengupta”… Apprehending that he might be killed or abducted if he comes out of the hideout, Azam appealed to the prime minister and the home minister for securing his life. “I feel bad. I want to see my father and mother”

“What is the meaning to tell all this now? Want to drown the government?He has been called by the Anti-Corruption Commission several times. He did not turn up. Why did he not utter a single word in last six months?” Suranjit said.

Railway money used in Soumen’s telecom business: Azam

One comment

  1. The ACC also made as-elitist-as-possible a remark when his interview came out, that ‘drivers and servants’ words are not good enough for legal actions. Since then, they’ve changed their statement and now is trying to cajole him and saying his statements will be crucial to this case. If I was Azam, I would run back into hiding.

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