Open Letter: Stop Racial Scapegoating

Fourth, we condemn the racial scapegoating of the entire Bangladeshi community. When a violent incident targeting a public institution is carried out by a white male, such as James Eagan Holmes, Anders Behring Breivik, Timothy McVeigh, Jared Loughner, Andrew Joseph Stack, John Patrick Bedell, David Adkisson, Eric Robert Rudolph, or James Von Brunn, the media calls him a “lone gunman,” explaining the incident as individual pathology and “aberration,” not the product of any particular culture. But when the alleged perpetrator is of non-white origin, especially Arab or Muslim, then the analysis is framed solely in terms of cultural or religious backwardness and lack of tolerance, and used as a rationale for stereotyping, scapegoating, surveillance, racial profiling, and discrimination against entire communities. Such scapegoating neither helps to solve the problem of violence, nor do they move us toward a peaceful society. Instead, they create a scenario of collective, racialized punishment for individual crimes.

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