Love, Kolkata style

From Kolkata’s Shree Venkatesh Films

She: “Do you love me?”
He: [nods]
She: “What’s your name?”
He: “Nur Islam”
She: “Hmm, Muslim?”
He: [nods]
She: “You’ll do! [pause] I thought the first day I met you, I’d give you two hard slaps. Bunking office, lying, talking back to the police, getting into fights– the sooner you learn all these skills, the better for you. And if you can’t learn all this, don’t try to love me. You won’t get anywhere.”

Can we imagine a similar, humorous, insolent take on Hindu-Muslim love affair in Bangladesh films today? Will anyone dare? I hope someone will take up the challenge…



    • Shibir chap and AL daughter love story would be pretty violent — the party would disapprove, and his comrades will cut off his veins, and the girl would marry a BNP MP’s son instead (AL-BNP love story is pretty boring and common place). Mishuk driver and a Pahari princess — now we are talking. Or better still, a Pahari prince and a garments worker from Ashulia.

  1. Maybe she’s just trying to p*** off her father. Not just a Kolkata thing.

    BTW, what is Nur bhai doing at the temple at 2:58? He is welcome, of course, but is there another sub-plot here?

    • She is also welcome to visit the mosque any time. Although it may be a bit of a shukno experience. Especially the separate area for women, in the basement usually. 🙂

  2. Why not movie on Sultana Kamal Chakraborty? She is real and “larger than life” example and fits the type of “Hindu-Muslim love affair” khujeci is looking in the movie. Not sure there would be much song and dance but there could be some poem.

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