(Alal-er nojorey) the Great Pakistan Tour Controversy

According to my facebook feeds, the biggest issue facing the nation during the Christmas holiday was Bangladesh cricket team’s cancelled tour of Pakistan.  Over the fold is a discussion we had over gorom cha and kolija shingara.  Enjoy.


I’m opposed to it on security grounds. We need to de politicise this and let sanity prevail.


What do they know of cricket who only cricket know?

Suppose this wasn’t Pakistan.  Suppose it was some other country that was emerging from decades of military rule, where a democratically elected government was about to finish its term for the first time in its 65 year history.  Suppose this government was of centre-left (or what passes for centre-left in this unfortunate country).  Suppose this country had an unfortunate history of cold war machinations and the security concerns being expressed are a direct result of such machinations.  Suppose if this experiment in democracy fails, this country will be taken over by forces of reaction and obscurantism.

And suppose you are not talking about Shakib Al Hasan and Tamim Iqbal.  Suppose you are asked to think in generality, about holding a sporting event in this country that will go a long way to help this nascent democracy.

Would you oppose it on security grounds?


If their safety was a concern, yes! Before you could say Vangipurapu Venkata Sai.


So you’d have opposed awarding South Africa the World Cup, because Johannesberg had one of the highest violent crime rates in the world?


A lot of JBerg’s crime rates have to do with murder/theft/rape.  It’s a matter of probability and I think credible steps can be taken to minimise that probability.

On the other hand, the last team to tour Pakistan came under fire directly.  They were the targets and not a matter of probability.  I think defending against that is harder, and I doubt: (a) the Pakistanis have given a credible plan on how they plan to protect our players; and (b) anyone in Bangladesh is capable of evaluating this plan.

Gilti Mia

Statistically speaking, reasonably speaking, practically speaking — any Bangladeshi player is more likely to die from road accident on a personal trip from Dhaka to Chittagong / Khulna/ Bogra/ Sylhet etc than dying in a terrorist attack in Pakistan.

BTW, India may be visiting Pakistan. Who is more vulnerable? An Indian player or a Bangladeshi player?


Agreed that road safety is serious issue and that your probabilities aren’t wrong. Still doesn’t justify the Pakistan trip.


Also, the Indian players will have the Black Cats protecting them.


Why don’t we send this guy to protect our players?

Gilti Mia

OK, let’s demand the same for BD cricketers. Better for the SSF protect Sakib al Hasan instead of Sajib Wazed Joy.


OK. I don’t know the exact dates, but if the Indian visit goes through without any hitch, and the cricket team is given full SSF coverage — not just a token team, but the full bells and whistles “Victor” level coverage — then I would get behind it.


Of course, the trip has been cancelled.  Gilti Mia has this to say in coclusion:

So, now we have ensured the safety and securiy of 15 players from being certainly annihilated by Pakistanis suicide bombers — let’s focus on bringing back thousands of Bnagladeshis living and working in the violent city of Karachi. Let’s make a plan now, bring all our citizens back from harm’s way.  After all, our constitution and religion see each life equally, right?


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