Love that Country

It was early or mid 1980s. I am just finishing my high school.  1972 Bangla film ওরা এগারো জন  Ora Egaro Jon, was re-released in theaters across the country. In mine and many others’ opinion, ওরা এগারো জন is one of the ten best movies ever made in Bangladesh. This movie, made by freedom fighter turned director, Chashi Nazrul Islam and starred by Razzak, Shabana as well as star freedom fighters like Khasru, Nantu etc,  is one of the best 1971 related movies ever made. It also very smartly captured the undercurrents of our society during and immediately after the war of Independence.  It was probably the first movie I saw in a theater without family. We went to Modhumita Cinema hall. The premier Movie theater in Dhaka.

The big screen and the sound track of Modhumita was wonder to us in 1980s. Nearly 30 years later I still recall the goosebumps I felt when I saw the following clip in Big screen of Modhumita with its superb sound effect.

I share this clip with the song with AlaloDulal readers on the eve of our 42nd Independence day.


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