Disney: No more Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse Teeth
Mickey Rat: When the going gets tough…

“Disney is the first celebrated brand to completely stop production in Bangladesh and that will doubtlessly reflect poorly on the country’s image as a manufacturing center. But less than one percent of Disney’s products are sourced from Bangladesh — and even less from the four other countries, according to Disney spokeswoman Tasia Filippatos.”

Disney pulls out from Bangladesh

The Walt Disney Company pulls out: Will that make workers safer?

Christian Science Monitor ‎- by Peter Grier

Walt Disney is wrong to pull out of Bangladesh | Business blog


Pulling out of Bangladesh for fear of being linked with a country with poor safety standards will not help. It is harder to stay and help to tackle

Disney Stopped Doing Business In Bangladesh In March After


2 days ago – Though it appears Disney is one of the few retailers to take the step of pulling out of Bangladesh entirely, many major brands say they are trying

“If the EU or any other buyers impose any harsh trade conditions on Bangladesh it will hurt the country’s economy … millions of workers will lose their jobs,” Mahbub Ahmed, the top civil servant in Bangladesh’s Commerce Ministry, told Reuters.

No harsh steps, please: Bangladesh to EU

The tripartite partners (government, employers and workers) on Saturday announced a package of short and mid-term action plan to improve the workplace condition and safety of the workers in readymade garment sector

ILO calls for political commitment


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