Does this photo need a caption?

Does this need a title?
© Zaid Islam

Does this photo need a caption?
by Zaid Islam

Does this photo need a caption, really?!

Well, this is a woman.

She is holding a photograph of another woman who went missing when Rana Plaza collapsed.

It’s been two months and a half since the collapse.

I didn’t feel like asking her anything.

Today, Thursday, July 11, 2013, also happens to be the first day of Ramadan in Dhaka.

A protest rally was organised here by Rana Plaza Garments Workers Union. On their PVC banner was written in brackets that they are affiliated to a central, larger union.

This woman was sitting alone, away from the rest of the mass. Later she followed instructions from the mic, and joined the “misil”. After that she followed further instructions from the mic, from which a voice asked the protestors to board the busses that brought them here. The police escorted them to the buses around 2pm.

I was the only photographer, and another guy with a cellphone. The “media” had already captured sufficient material from here in the morning, and had to rush off to capture more hardcore “ronokhetro” material at DU campus, for our pre-iftar consumption.

So, in conclusion, why do I feel bad cause I don’t know this woman’s name?

Is it because I have been trained to do so, just so that I can write a proper caption?!

Zaid Islam is a photographer and curator.

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