Felani and ‘Progressive’ Youth

The so called modern, progressive, couch potato, urban middle class/generation has again disappointed.

To avenge injustice done to Felani, out of rage when they should have taken personal responsibility to stop using all Indian products and call for a collective on field activism to go shop to shop to encourage them to stop selling all Indian products or carry out any other on field real impact activism – they rather choose to participate in a facebook like hunting exercise to name Indian high commission road as Felani road and are contented with their meek effort.

Were  this generation/class borne in forties we would still be under East India Company rule or were they borne in sixties there would no liberation war and we would be speaking Urdu now and would be named as East Pakistan.

Not so long ago this same generation/class allowed Shahbag to get captured by Awami league without slightest bit of opposition- a movement that was borne out of their passion to see war criminals to justice.

As long as this generation/class does not assume responsibility of changing the glaringly obvious injustices in social, political or economic landscape the status quo maintained by the corrupt system will remain be it Indian Dadagari, be it Paribar tontro sustained by two corrupt feuding family dynasties.

In a period when each cause can be divided through the question of- if you support War criminals tribunal or how many persons you believe died in the night of Hefajat operation- Felani is the easiest activism agenda to hold on to for this generation.

The picture of that poor young girls dead body, hanging on barbed wire would soak the heart of any son of the soil with wrath and pain. Her body carried over like a dead animal tied in a bamboo stick calls to stop all kind of  illegal killing in the most dangerous border of the world.

A system that supports Indian cattle owners and Indian economy by illegally selling their cows and products to Bangladeshi smugglers to avoid taxation, cannot punish the same people supports their economy. A rebuttal to all Indian products is the only viable answer to this injustice.

Illegal border crossing takes place in many borders across the world including US Mexican border or Australian or Malaysian or Indonesian border. But, it is only India which shows such disregard to human life and operates a shoot to kill policy for the border trespassers.

Number of  promises of stop killing has proven to be an outright lie. Even yesterday report has arrived of two cattle traders of being killed by BSF. There are reports of strangling and beating people to death. Last year a painful video emerged of a cattle trader who is beaten mercilessly for not paying bribe that was demanded by BSF.

Fellani is just symbol of this whole process of injustice.

Felanis dead body calls out loud to bring the killers to justice and to stop this killing to a permanent halt.

But, even in that agenda, the so called modern progressive urban middle class  youth cannot come up with a meaningful collective activism agenda, which is bound to receive wide spread support in all walks of life in the country or across the world.

History says, the movement of change always come from the youth.

But our youth is so much drowned in sperm ejaculated over Sunny Leone that they have lost all the ability to make the real contribution that her own mother the sad Bangla Ma calls from him.

2 thoughts on “Felani and ‘Progressive’ Youth

  1. I think Mr. Hassan is right in most of the points. Truly, our urban youth has disappointed us once again. But is it really fair to blame them all alone?? Didn’t we put them through hectic but fruitless education system where we have seen the best minds of our times running directionless in the jungle of classes, home works, and above all individualism? Didn’t this society teach us to think about ourselves only? How many of these young people have played a single team game in their entire life?? (Of course, keeping aside the group presentation part of the semester) Isn’t it too cruel to blame them for failing to produce a wide scale meaningful protest?? I wonder if we are the right person to blame them for becoming show offs while we had successfully forced them in the display cases in their very childhoods.

  2. Powerful Prose! And I completely agree that Felani’s death (along with hundreds of others murdered by BSF) and the farce of trial of her accused killers should provoke outrage…. and concrete movement/agitation by the people. And I share your frustration that such a movement did not occur.
    However, I am not sure if we can just think about such failures as problems of personality and character of a generation. In many ways, people’s movements have lost their political efficacy world-wide (even considering Tharir Square). Modern power has become expert in absorbing popular discontent and agitations. Modern power has also become efficient in disciplining the subjects to make them docile.

    I don’t think that we can overcome the problem by simply yelling (boka deoa) at the youth. But I must admit, that it feels good to do so….

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