My Factory Burned In Workers’ Jealousy

Image Source: Drighangchu
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My Factory Burned In Workers’ Jealousy: RMG Factory Owner Delwar
by Udisa Islam for Drighangchu, translated for ALAL O DULAL by Irfan Chowdhury 

Who started the tradition of wearing clothes? Human beings were pretty alright without them: sans clothes, sans problème.

Once the tradition to wear clothes started, the low income-earning countries have been under pressure. The unfed poor people are to make clothes for the rich.

No, a mistake; not people, labourers. How come the labourers be people? No money – either when you are a labourer or when you fall victim to die in an accident occurred due to cruel negligence of the owner.

Owners say, why cry about wage, work diligently, and then you will see the development of the nation/country. They also say, it should be an absolute pleasure that colonialism is sucking up your blood. Do you realise how honourable it is that the rich considers your blood so testy?

These views, of the RMG owners, are aptly represented by Delwar, the ‘Innocent Owner’. Read his interview-in-absentia with Drighangchu. While it is a fictional interview in a satirical magazine, the facts are correct. None other than those whose good or bad characters are matched (with it) are responsible.

Drighangchu: How do you feel being responsible for killing so many labourers?

Delwar: Listen, don’t spread rumours unnecessarily. Men are born to die. If we were going to live for ever and killed all the labourers, would you be able to ask these sort of questions? I could sue you, submit writ in the High Court for asking such questions – just a matter of one, two.

Drighangchu: Labourers want to know how do you sleep at night?

Delwar:It is very annoying if anyone asks this question in this present era. If I can’t sleep, there are sleeping pills; if they don’t work there are anaesthetists who can help me with my sleep. If you have money you have solutions to all problems. If you have money, you won’t be subjugated, if you have money you won’t die, if you have money you won’t be burnt in fires.

Drighangchu: What do you mean by if you have money you won’t die?

Delwar:Don’t you get it? Suppose, I am an owner of a RMG factory, I get old and die but my children continue to run it. The same name will be retained: Tazreen, Tuba, Rana Plaza. Would the names change? No. But no one will keep the workers alive, who had died as they did not have money.

Drighangchu: How do you feel when you see relatives of the dead in the High Court’s verandas?

Delwar:I don’t see them. If you come along one day, you could see it yourself: I arrive and leave in a hurry. How could you imagine that I would waste whatever eyesight I have got left, in trying to see these little poor people?

Drighangchu: Ok, how do you think the fire started?

Delwar:The fire started from fire. Simple. A fire cannot be started by water or sands. Fire begot fire. This fire is that of the labourers’ minds. They envied me. Being jealous of my such a big wealth and influence, they lit themselves which then burnt my factory.

Drighangchu: Didn’t you say: labourers did not die of fire? Rather, their fire burnt the factory?

Delwar: 100 per cent true. I am fighting this fight because I believe it; otherwise I would have accepted the blame. I believe that workers jealousy has burnt my factory, and I am the one who should be getting the compensation.

Drighangchu: But your employees locked the gates…

Delwar: Gates are to be locked. We do not have any hard and fast rules on when to or not to lock the gates; no government regulations either. I bought a new lock, and so they wanted to locked the gate. I did not steal the lock or get the lock on a loan; I paid for it with hard cash.

Drighangchu: How is your business?

Delwar: What so ever happened to the business? It is going on well; I am praying day and night so that I do not have to pay for the compensation. My faults are anyhow forgiven; now with a cool head I will have to help the media to understand it. Perhaps, I will need to spend a little bit for their entertainment.

Drighangchu: Why don’t you want to pay compensation?

Delwar: Don’t cry for money. If not dead, they ask for wage, when dead they demand compensation – what will they do with the money after death? Goodness and sins committed while alive will determine whether they will go to heaven or hell; what will they do with money there? Pay bribes? You cause such nuisances with these issues, unnecessarily. Leave them, I will provide you with three months’ worth of clothes and a trip to London.

Drighangchu: Have you just offered me a bribe? Do you know what will happen if I mention this in the court?

Delwar: No. These are not bribes. Don’t call a blind person, a blind. These are gifts. You have worked so hard to gather information, so I want to entertain you a little bit. Don’t take it if you won’t want. But let me say you something in sotto voce: labourers’ fate will never change; only humans have luck or fortune, and we do not consider them as humans.

The original post can be read at:আবোল-তাবোল/শ্রমিকদের-হিংসার-আগুনে-আ.dc

শ্রমিকদের হিংসার আগুনে আমার ফ্যাক্টরি পুড়ে গেছে: গার্মেন্ট মালিক দেলওয়ার

উদিসা ইসলাম

কে যে জামা-কাপড় পড়ার বিধান চালু করেছিলো। বেশতো ছিলো মানুষ। পোশাকহীন ঝামেলাহীন। জামা কাপড়ের চল শুরু হওয়ার পর চাপ পড়লো কম আয়ের দেশগুলোর ওপর। বড়লোকেরা কাপড় পড়বে, আর সেই কাপড় খেয়ে-না খেয়ে বানাবে গরীব দেশের মানুষেরা। না ভুল হলো, মানুষেরা না, শ্রমিকেরা। শ্রমিক আবার মানুষ হয় ক্যামনে? শ্রমিক থাকাকালীনও টাকা নাই, শ্রমিক যখন মালিকের অবহেলায় দুর্ঘটনার শিকার হয়ে মারা যাচ্ছে তখনও তার কোন টাকা নাই। মালিকেরা বলছে, এতো টাকা টাকা কারো কেন, মন দিয়ে কাজ করো, তাহলেই দেখবা উন্নতি হবে দেশের, জাতির। তোরা আরও বলছে, সাম্রাজ্যবাদ তোমাদের রক্ত চুষে খাচ্ছে, সেটাওতো আনন্দের। ভেবে দেখোতো বড়লোকরা তোমার মতো গরীবের রক্তকে টেস্টি ভাবছে, এটা কতোটা সম্মানের তোমরা বোঝ? এসব ভাবেন যারা সেই মালিকদেরই প্রতিনিধি ‘নিরপরাধ মালিক’ দেলোয়ার। তার গায়েবানা সাক্ষাতকার পড়ুন আজকের দ্রিঘাংচুতে। ইহা একটি স্যাটায়ার ম্যাগাজিনের রম্য সাক্ষাতকার হইলেও সত্য ঘটনা। কারোর সাথে চরিত্র-কুচরিত্রতে মিলে গেলে এরজন্য এ পৃথিবীর কেউই দায়ী না, কেবল যার সাথে মিলে যাবে সেই দায়ী।

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