Goodbye 2013: The Older You, the Younger Me

The Older You, the Younger Me
by Lori Simpson for

I caught my reflection

One sunny morning.

In a shop window.

I was a bit older,

She a bit younger.

Stylish all the same.

I stopped and smiled,

She fixed her hair

Neither of us waved.

She looked to the future,

And I to the past.

Contemplative, we turn away.

Maybe she was disappointed

And perhaps I,

Even a little sad.

Our reflections teasing

Snubbing us both

The older you, the younger me.

Again we will meet,

On a sunny morning

Laughing in a wrinkle of time.

Until then…

We pause for a moment,

Pucker our lips

And kiss the air.

Lori Simpson is a Dhaka-based writer and member of Writers Block

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